Everyone's killing innocents, why can't I?

With a van loaded full of innocents (and some of the party that don't have their own means of transportation), we got the hell out of Coalition State. Without dying, so there's a plus. The SAMAS and their pals tried their very best, but while we don't actually have plot armour ... we sort of still appear to have plot armour. ;)

Courtesy of Monday 24 October 2016's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“It’s funny how you turned into salt when I killed you with salt.”

“Our one survival plan involves the character that isn’t here.”

“Now that I’ve taken down the book tower, I can even see M.”
“Do you WANT to see M?”
“No. Let’s put the books back.”

“Is that part of the distraction or are they being shot at?”

“If it’s cheating, it’s GM endorsed cheating.”

“GM said that in the past tense.”
“Guess we know who’s going to die today, then!”

“It’s supposed to be ‘one, two, many, lots’.”
“That’s too complicated for Booker.”

GM: “Why are you laughing every time I say you’ll get a fair trial?”

“You’ve never succeeded with this many Teleport rolls before.”

“Do what feels right. Do what feels less wrong.”

“Your colours don’t roll very well.”
“They rolled a crit earlier! A critical FAIL, but ...”

GM: “I actually have to do maths! I don’t believe it!”

GM: “Do you have any Athletics type skills?”
Player: “Yes! I have DANCING!”

GM: “You’re racing through the mall.”
Player: “So it’s like Mario Kart.”
GM: “Yes, except bananas aren’t very common in Coalition State.”

“I can see a pot, I can see a kettle. I’m not sure which one is more black.”

GM: “Three SAMAS shoot rail guns at you.”
Player: “No, they don’t.”
GM: “...Yeah. They do.”

“Booker is trying to argue ‘everyone’s killing innocents, why can’t I?’”

GM: “What are you stabbing exactly?”
Player: “I don’t know!”

“Whenever I see the back of that book, I just wanna play him!” (illustration showing guy in a mech suit)

(to Gorbash) “I’ve got LEGS, not WINGS, you scaled dick!”

“I’m not saying Beestonites are weird, but they’re fucking WEIRD. Like gone 9pm Asda weird.”

Well, that's it from Rifts for now. 👋