Get out of my guts!

We're back in the future, and this time we have a couple of new friends:

  • Elliot Harrison, a Templar
  • Rufus Sterling, a Huckster (replacing Duke Carpenter)

We've travelled a lot and made it down to Louisiana, where we stopped because the van broke down and helped a guy not to get slaughtered by a pack of rats. Aaaand then we were about to be attacked by river pirates, so we got out of there.

Courtesy of Monday 7 November 2016's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Odin's Table.

“I have no Bounty left now.”
“That makes you a Bounty hunter.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you and your money.”

“Why does he think I’m a thief?”
“Because you stole his whiskey!”

“I know exactly how it feels to roll three ones.”

GM: “It goes for your neck.”
Player: “Awesome. I have no armour there.”

“We tested the ones. They roll very well on these dice.”

(to GM) “If you could NOT open-end, that would be fucking amazing.”

GM: “It’s going for your guts.”
Player: “Get out of there!”

“I’ve not got to do anything yet.”
“I’ve seen your dice rolls, it’s just as well.”
“Yeah, it’s safer this way.”

“Isn’t that what they teach you in warrior Jesus school?”

“I won’t be here next week.”
“Wanna leave your character sheet?”
“Could. Not gonna.”

See you next week - in Baton Rouge!