Impatience is a virtue

This is what happens when you have us play Tokaido and then follow that up by mixing the Firefly and Monty Python versions of Fluxx into one. It gets very, very silly.

There was also something along the lines of the person who brought Tokaido didn't quite bother explaining the rules properly, which meant that he of course won, and someone else got a bit upset about that. Ahh, good times.

Courtesy of Monday 2 May 2016's Tokaido and Fluxx session at Chimera.

“I have a point too!”
“Yeah but I have 8 more, so you can fuck off.”

“You ever got lynched?”
“Not yet but I’m working on it!”

“21. You’re okay with that, right?”
“You and me are gonna have issues.”

“There is no murder card in here, I think?”

“It’s interesting to watch how British people play boardgames.”

“Careful, you might turn the red vines into salty liquorice.”

“I thought WE were bringing the salty!”

“What happened to Draw 3?”
“I got rid of it because I used it, so no one else could.”

“Go fuck yourself.”
“That is anatomically difficult.”
“No it isn’t.”

“Here, have a Creeper.”
“But [other player] is collecting them!”
“Yeah, but he didn’t cheat in the last game.”

(discards Fresh Fruit card)
“Nobody likes fruit.”
“I do!”

“Impatience is a virtue.”

“That escalated quickly.”
“He explained the rules, though.”

“Are you making fun of my native accent?”

“This is like giving a nuke to a child, rather than giving a nuke to ... an older child.”

There's some Cards Against Humanity lined up for next week's post! Merry Christmas! :D