We're building a vacuuminator

Still in Baton Rouge, we walked around the sunken town and had a chat with the locals - until we were attacked by river pirates again. On the plus side, we have a guy who can kill people with his brain, and the rest of us are trained to use various weapons ...

Courtesy of Monday 21 November 2016's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Odin's Table.

“You are the definition of literal, aren’t you?”
“No. Literal is different to what I am.”

“No thanks, I’m literally full to bursting. Ooh, I’ll have jellybeans, though.”

GM: “I’ll let you use Persuasion or Tale Tellin’.”
Player: “Amazing, I am good at none of those skills.”

“Am I the only one who likes the cinnamon jellybeans?”
“Yes! Weirdo!”

“What are you guys building?”
“It’s an inator!”

NPC: “It’s a vacuum cleaner.”
Elliot: “You’re gonna have to talk real SLOWLY, like ...”
Maggie: “It cleans vacuums?”
Vincent: “You don’t really need to clean things in a vacuum.”

“If the ship coming had a cannon ...”

“Brilliant. We’ve invented the Molotov cocktail thrower.”

“I’m glad you’re helpful. It just unsettles me a little.”

“He wasn’t listening! Nooo!”
“No, he was listening. He just wasn’t surprised.”

“Come on, papa needs a 12!” (rolls) “... Or a four.”

GM: “You hear a bell ringing furiously in the distance.”
Player 1: “We all know what that means ...!”
Player 2: “Dinner!”

“Attack them, my waspy minions!”
“That pretty much sums up the previous adventure.”

“You have a cannon in your head. A head cannon. - I made a fanfiction joke!”

“I’ve seen this before. Let him bleed out and die and move on with your life.”

“Here, hold something dangerous so you look more scary while I blast them with my brain!”

To be continued!