Zombies with a foot fetish

Baton Rouge turns out to not just have a problem with river pirates, but also with zombies. Zombies with fancy morgue tags on their toes, despite morgues having gone out of fashion (well, they kind of do when the dead get up and walk). Perhaps some nefarious dude is creating zombies in a kind of golem style way? If we can fight them off for long enough - or if the GM could avoid critting when hitting characters who botched their Quickness rolls for initiative - maybe we can actually get to the bottom of this. The murky, swampy bottom.

Courtesy of Monday 5 December 2016's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Odin's Table.

“Looking forward to being the bait?”
“Not really.”

(singing) “Smoooke on the waaateeer ... zombies in your face.”

GM: “I need an 8.” (rolls)
Player: “That’s not an 8.”
GM: “It looks like an 8.”

GM: “Location ...” (rolls)
Player: “Don’t roll another 20.”

“There’s magic shit in the water, man!”
“I didn’t know shit could be magic!”

“Could you guys get the fuck over here instead of just shouting over there?”
“No, I prefer this!”

“Is it just a tag or are you waving a foot at me?”

“If you have a foot fetish, now would be a good time to get off it.”

“Just checking the difficulty for shooting off a toe.”

Next session will be some boardgaming shenanigans - Deadlands will conclude in the new year.