Headbutting the axe by accident


Our Victorian characters came across some Greek-or-Roman deities. Attacks were made. Damage was done. Mars/Ares had his weapon taken off him by a cheeky Irishman and Achilles was frozen in time and then stabbed to death, because people like him are not supposed to be alive and real and stuff - especially not if they're foreigners! (Groan.)

In the end, we moved back to our modern day characters who ended up at some kind of carnival/circus type thing, because that's never creepy.

Courtesy of Sunday 28 August 2016's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Odin's Table.

“I would never turn down a cup of tea. It’s like a genetic thing.”

“Every time I drink tea, I think of slavery.”

“There’s nostalgia, and then there’s not wanting to remember.”

“I’m not his friend, I’m just his keeper.”

“They’ll go to a nice place.”

Clockwork: “Well, at least he’s British.” (reacting to a skullface in a red coat suddenly appearing)

“I don’t think there’s an age of consent for drinking right now.”

“You’d be facing me, and you’d be armed.”
“Orright, Mal.”

“I’m gonna call him Errol Flynn because I can’t remember his name.”

“Your burger’s mum’s face is a hill!”
“That’s not an insult.”

GM: “This is Mars. He’s fully armoured.”
Player: “We’re all gonna die!”

“Why is he running forward? He has a ranged weapon.”

“What are we looking at?”
“Several powerful gods trying to resurrect something long dead.”
“‘K bye!”

“You can get through my shield? That’s interesting to know.”

“Juno? Does that mean that in the Modern Age she’ll look like Ellen Page? – I made a reference.”

GM: “You’ve just been saved by him headbutting the axe by accident.”

“Is no one going to off Achilles? He’s frozen in time, so just stab him in the heel!”
“That would not be honourable.”
“But he’s a foreigner!”

Paddy: “What’s it like being a god?”
Mars: “What’s it like being puny?”
Paddy: “Ask your crotch.”

“A disturbing amount of characters go into weapons manufacturing.”

GM: “Everyone gets a hero point except for her, because she killed someone in cold blood. No, really.”

“What did you teach?”
“How to be a douche 101.”

“What the hell happened to my helicopter?!”
“It’s an artistic statement on the current state of our government.”

“I’m all woman, except when I’m a blob – then I’m all blob.”

“You’re the epitome of everything that’s wrong with the American education system!”

“What was the Hell War?”
“A war with hell!”

To be continued!