The GM's a pain in the ass

Our Victorian superheroes went across the globe to India, where they were subsequently attacked, because roleplaying game! :D

Courtesy of Sunday 16 October 2016's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Odin's Table.

“I’ve said worse in Deadlands.”
“We’ve all said worse in Deadlands.”

“Honestly, you’re so much fun to annoy.”

Player: “What do you think of the Dutch?”
Tock: “Clog-wearing wankers.”

“He actually had a rant about that?”
“No, but I’m glad you think he did.”
(why Marmite should go up in price because of the weak pound, when Marmite’s made in the UK)

“You’re rolling absolute shite today.”
“Change dice! Change dice!”

GM: “It’s almost like the GM’s a pain in the ass.”

Paddy: “SOME British people are good! Trust me, I’m Irish!”

“What accent will I be next? Who knows?!”

“You’re a man of science! And racism! And stabbing! Like Disney.”
“Disney stabbed people?”

Player: “Is this discussion happening while the Omega Drones are advancing?”
GM: “No, they got atomised by Shiva.”
Player: “…So when I asked if anything happened while I was away, the answer was actually YES, QUITE A LOT.”

“Are Chinese vampires like a cautionary tale of a Jack-in-the-box?”

GM: “Other things that happen in 1970-1971: Evergreen does a lot of Survival checks.”
Player: “There’s no Survival skill in this game.”
GM: “Stupid game.”

GM: “You’re working on your farm when bits of crop start rising up.”
Player: “Daddy!”

GM: “I’ll allow it because it saves time.”

To be continued!