Can I roll sense motive on the fruit?

We're back in Rifts, heading toward the city of Soul Harvest. We met a fairy on the way, who was trying to get us to eat and drink things, but we declined. A lot.

Soul Harvest ... is an interesting place. They have undead as servants (whether or not they're unionised is a good question), and subject people to an introductory film to welcome newcomers. It ... was a bit dull. But we don't think it's brainwashed us ... We hope.

Courtesy of Monday 6 February 2017's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“Stop making me laugh, I can’t remember my pin!”

“The Daemonix are giving me the heebie jeebies! Who’d’ve thought?”

GM: “Roll low.”
Player: “009.”
GM: “Bastard!”

Player (to GM): “Oh no, you have to advance the plot.”
GM: “Not with this group.”

“I can do the mission, I’m just telling you it’s going to go wrong.”

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you.”
“I’m being annoyingly coy about it.”

Elyssia: “Don’t talk to it! Don’t talk to it, Gorbash!”
Donna (to the fairy): “Hello!”
Elyssia: “GOD DAMN IT!”

“Are you sure you’re not a dragon? You seem extremely self-assured and annoying.”

GM: “They’re not mercenaries.”
Player: “They’re more like murder victims!”

“Do the undead, like …”
“Have a union?”

“Can I roll sense motive on the fruit?”

“Stop playing the same character in every game, turning over every little stone. You’re a jacked up juicer, not Inspector motherfucking Clouseau!”

“I think your prejudice is showing.”
“No, he’s wearing clothes.”

“I’m not paranoid, but I’m activating Mindblock.”
“I’m not paranoid, but I’m doing a paranoid thing.”

“Fucking hell, we’re the sass brigade tonight.”

Donna: “If anything happens, I’ll hunt down you and your family and kill you all.”
Elyssia: “She didn’t mean anything by that, she’s just quirky.”

To be continued!