He can thank me later

We're still in Soul Harvest, that magical place full of reanimated skeletons and corpses. Zombies as hotel bellhops, with cheeks made up to look slightly less dead. Creepy.

Booker's back in the game (being played by the GM last week, we all thought he was acting strangely out of character!) and wasted no time associating himself with someone who seemed important - a vampire, apparently. Didn't try to drink any Château de Booker Dayes, though.

The rest of the party gathered information and were deciding whether or not to get citizenships as well, seeing as how Donna was acting a bit Cyndi Lauper and just to be safe, maybe the rest also should be citizens. May we live in interesting times and all. Interesting, necromancy-infested times.

Courtesy of Monday 13 February 2017's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“His name doesn’t matter because he’ll be dead soon anyway.”
“Corpse number one, please.”

“In Soul Harvest being dead isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”
“You can still find employment.”

Donna: “Everyone went through the orientation.”
Jayson: “Except you.”
Donna: “Yeah, but I’m a citizen so I don’t need it.”

Elyssia: “Why did we give citizenship to Donna?”
Donna: “Because you want to have fun!”

GM: “It’s not that he’s paranoid about your last successful mission.”
Player: “‘Successful’?”

Gorbash: “That was sarcasm. I’ve learned sarcasm.”
Donna: “You need more lessons.”

NPC: “What is your job?”
Booker: “Not to kill people.”
Player: “To be fair, that’s a good job aspiration for you.”

“Is he aware you don’t have any soul left?”

NPC: “Are you aware there are three million credits on your head?”
Booker: “The price dropped?!”

“It really sounds like all these people went to the same school of sounding creepy.”

“You gave your penis a pet name?! And you refer to it as a symbiote?!”

“The food’s a bit bland, but …”
“The British cooks are in! – Oh, the Swedes loved that!”

Booker: “I’m not a bad guy. Vlad the Impaler, Hitler, Booker … were all just …”
Player: “Misunderstood?”

“Am I still the bad guy in this scenario?”

“The Shemarrian has a name you know!” (turns to GM) “I’ll remember it in character.”

“This is the worst idea ever. This will all go horribly wrong.” (using Booker’s Chosen One status to impress baddies)

“Who did you go and see? Dickface?”

“He can thank me later.”
“Oh, he won’t thank you.”

To be continued!