Why is there not a Save vs Dumbass?

A session in which we all decided to become citizens, because it seemed like a good idea. Probably just as well because then we went to talk to the kind of people who look up to Booker because he's the Chosen One and all that. When we finished, the people in the house across the street (Nxla cultists) were less keen on seeing the Chosen One. Fighting ensued ...

Courtesy of Monday 20 February 2017's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“I think I dislike Savage Worlds more than Rifts, to be honest.”
“Good. That’s the right answer.”

“What he said, but far more eloquently put.”

“Greetings, More-Honorific-Term-for-Warlock!”

Booker (to Warlock): “Would you consider indentured servitude?”
Rest of party: “No!”

Donna: “Do I look drugged?”
Booker: “You always look drugged.”

GM: “There are people here who don’t have Armour of Ithan.”
Player: “This neighbourhood is going up in the world!”

“When a non-native speaker has a bigger vocabulary than you do, you should probably be worried.”

“It’s good to be a Juicer.”
“I genuinely thought you were going to say Jew.”
“Not everyone thinks the way you do.”

“I didn’t fuck anything up, I was following orders!”

“Why is there not a Save vs Dumbass?”
“There is. It’s called decent player memory.”

“I’m just putting it out there.”
“You can’t put out as much as you want, it’s not happening.”

“Oh no, I’m in the cast of Final Fantasy XV!”

Player: “We’re going to get paid a lot of money at the end of it.”
GM: “If you succeed.”

“When Gorbash is talking about you, he’s talking a lot about sucking.”

“This isn’t a graphic novel, you don’t get witty quips!”

“Delusion is my middle name. Along with Jessop. Like the camera.”

To be continued!