Not all sayings work in Soviet Russia

And here we are ... in Soviet Russia, where we've now made it to the 1970s, because our Monday gaming session got cancelled. I love having backup posts ready to go like this!

Courtesy of Sunday 30 October and 13 November 2016's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Odin's Table.

“But does Graffiti Queen have her own theme park yet?”

“There we go! I was wondering when you’d get to the Nazis.”

“Have you and I been reading the same …”

GM: “You eventually return, because otherwise this plot is going nowhere.”

“Does a person count as an improvised weapon?”

“HOW have you not made a backup character? You’ve been close to dying three times already!”

“You’re assassinating people?!”

“In Soviet Russia tomorrow never dies. Dying is for tomorrow. Not all sayings work in Soviet Russia.”

“He’s a super genius, he’s got all kinds of goggles.”

“We can create a youth serum and market it to women! Think of all the money we’ll make … for the communist state!”

“Russian anthem: God Save The Queen or the Tetris theme. We’re culturally aware.”

Player: “He’s bored, not psychotic!”
GM: “Possibly.”

“How many people are there?”
“Most of them.”
“Can you give me a proper head count? ‘Most’ isn’t a number.”

“Why has this game suddenly become Paranoia?”
“Because we’re in Soviet Russia!”

“What tribe are you from? Phrased in such a way so as to not be culturally insensitive.”

To be continued!