Isis Isis baby

So the Egyptian obelisk, Cleopatra's Needle, was guarded by someone who turned out to be Isis, except she didn't know she was Isis.

And then, of course, fighting ensued. Booker spotted one of those Mystic Knights (or Sith Cyber-knights, if you like) and decided to blow up a building. It got a bit hectic for a bit. Turns out they were kind of ... anti-anti Cyber-knights and of an order to do with a white rose. Interesting times!

Courtesy of Monday 27 March 2017's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

GM: “I’m on call tonight so the game master might be a little distracted.
Player 1: “That’s okay, as long as we aren’t killed as a result.”
Player 2: “Nah, that’ll be Booker.”

“Avoiding salt to the best of my ability is killing me. Well, it’s keeping me alive, but it’s killing me.”

“I know what I’m doing if my character dies: making a better Battle Mage than K!”

GM: “What does Gorbash do?”
Player 1: “What would Jesus do?”
Player 2: “Not what Booker did.”

Booker: “Jayson: goody-two-shoes …”
Jayson: “Fantastic hair!”
Booker: “I’m not saying that.”

“If I cancel Carpet of Adhesion, you’ll walk over to the obelisk just to be contrary.”
“It’s like you’ve roleplayed with him before!”

GM: “Madhaven is a fairly new book. Is this where I show my age?”
Player: “If it came out in the past decade, you can probably get away with it.”
GM (checks): “… 2006.”

Player 1: “Are you trying to get Booker killed so you can play your new character?”
Booker’s player: “No.”
Player 2: “Yes. Yes, he is.”

“Everyone will be fine up until the end of this combat, when someone isn’t going to be fine.”

“So on a scale from one to Booker, how screwed?”

“Don’t give the dice a pep-talk, just roll them!”

“He’s such a big arsehole it feels as if we’re constantly breaking wind. But he’s OUR arsehole.”

GM: “The sword is black with a pale, blue glow.”

GM: “Isis has cow horns.”
Gorbash: “I have horns too, I don’t mind.”

“Behave yourself, or we’ll see if you can breathe on the moon!”

GM (looking up an NPC’s stats): “He’s actually really tough this guy! Holy shit!”

Gorbash: “The Rakshasa can teleport just like me.”
GM: “Better than you, even.”
Gorbash: “I don’t say that.”

“Are you COMPLETELY sure there’s not a Save vs Dumbass? Because there’s a nice free slot right there with the saving throws on the character sheet, and I could really do with some right now.”

GM: “There are a bunch of Cyber-knights there as well.”
Jayson: “Hello, chaps!”

GM: (describing the most perfect white rose bush)
Player: “Throw a grenade at it!”

“While that sounds great, he can’t join them because he’s TOO. FUCKING. HUFFLEPUFF!”
“I love that description so much I want to throttle you.”

“We don’t throw grenades at random bits of scenery.”

GM: “What you realise at this moment is that Gorbash is fucking useless at lying.”

To be continued!