You do crit damage on a fumble if you crit on the damage roll

So, this is where it ends. Well, not entirely, of course, but for now.

We broke out Alistair and his Shemarrian assistant/slave from their prison, there was fighting and some of us got our heads encased in ice. Lucky for us we all had a spell on us which meant we didn't actually have to breathe, so it was more of an inconvenience than anything else.

Somehow we got out of there alive, all of us, and headed back to Magestar. But where, oh where, is our Beloved Leader of the Blackstone Juggernauts, a.k.a. John?

Courtesy of Monday 17 April 2017's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

GM: “Do I need to write down initiatives for you guys? Hmm, perhaps.”

“Must one push it real good?”
“If one wishes to have a really good evening, one should!”

(rolls two 20s in a row without rolling for a reason)
“Did you just burn through the good rolls on those dice?”
“Yes. Yes, I did.”

“Don’t you love it when you roll so well the GM just becomes flippant about it?”

GM: “It’s like IKEA, you follow it around.”
Player: “Brilliant. So even in the future the Swedes have a hand in things.”

“I don’t think he’s expendable, I just think he’s a dick.”

“I thought it was a fuckton of eyes, not ice.”

“He started speaking rune speak!”

(trying to decide which character to target)
GM (to Jayson): “What did you do last time? Nah, you haven’t done anything useful.”

Player: “I’m punching myself in the face!”
GM: “For how much damage?”

“How do you get out of MDC ice?”
“Shoot yourself in the head!”
“I don’t like that idea.”

“Wait, can we make sentient fusion blocks? Then we radicalise them …”

“I thought _I_ was getting bad.”

“Don’t hate me, hate the dice.”

Player: “Do I do crit damage on a fumble?”
GM: “Roll attack.”
Player: (crits)

“I ran away from that door specifically!”

“Are you dead yet?”
“That’s a shame.”

Player: “I’m gonna stab her in the head.”
GM: “She … disputes that.”
Player: “I’ll see her in court!”

“I had to save Booker by putting him in the line of fire.”

And that's the end of Rifts for now. Next session will be boardgaming and deciding what to do next.