Revenge is best served with fusion blocks

We continued the discussion with Sister Anna the Rakshasa. Turns out she wants our help to get a nexus point back. She's held it for over 70 years and now someone has taken it off her, and she's not happy. Despite feeling a bit iffy about calling a truce with the Rakshasa, we agreed to at least go and have a look.

Booker's box that went "ding!" last week turned out to have a bunch of Plot Devices in it. Or, as it may turn out to be, Deus Ex Machinas. They do point at us encountering Gorgons at some point. As in the Medusa type Gorgons, not the metallic bulls.

Perhaps the Rakshasa are the lesser of two evils ...

Courtesy of Monday 12 June 2017's Rifts roleplaying session.

Booker: “My life is on the line here. I’m not saying I’m important or anything, but I AM the Chosen One.”

“Revenge is best served on the third try.”

“More fusion blocks, that’s what we need.”

Booker (to Sister Anna): “Knowing your brother, where is he likely to return?”
Gorbash: “Don’t worry, he won’t be back for at least a decade.”
Booker: “I’m not worried, I’m curious.”

(after a player suggested Sister Anna’s brother’s axe ended up as Axcalibur in Hunter: The Reckoning)
Player: “You shouldn’t say that! You’ll give him ideas!”
Hunter GM: “I already have ideas.”

Gorbash: “I’m still inspecting the mirror.”
Player (duckfacing at pretend mirror): “‘Ooooh, I’m pretty’!”
GM: “Never introduce him to selfies!”

Gorbash: “I look down on you with dragon eyes. They’re not evil, just condescending.”

“Humans are everywhere. Procreating. Like rabbits. Except rabbits have the sense to keep hidden most of the time.”

GM: “A few more minutes, a guy-- Should we have a guy? Let’s have a guy.”

“I haven’t killed anyone in weeks.”

“I’m a one-man Kabuki theatre, I am!”

“It’s a Life Ward spell. If you don’t know it, try looking in a book like a REAL wizard.”

“If it’s another Nxla summoning I’m gonna get REAL pissy.”

“They’re so cute and cuddly!”
“… No.”

“Gorgons and dragons and ghouls, oh my!”

To be continued!