ACME miracle maps of Gibraltar!

We started the rebuilding of Tilverton with the help of the locals. A delegation of soldiers from Cormyr showed up to say that it was their town - we disagreed. There might be repercussions later.

Denny - or Denethor to give him his proper name now that he's a would-be god - was busy making weapons and armour. Elani made herself useful by recruiting allies in the animal world. Gunda started training people, as making sure the city can defend itself sounded like a good idea. She also got to try being a platinum dragon for a bit thanks to Elani - Elminster was not amused.

Courtesy of Monday 11 September 2017's Godbound session.

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GM: “I even have a city map!”
Player: “You’re putting proper effort into this.”

“How DO you stop a hurricane once it’s got going?”
“Get the Flash.”

“There are seven doomsday scenarios in Rifts. You’ve encountered two.”

NPC: “So you’ve just showed up and cleansed the Spellplague? On a whim?”
Gunda & Denny: “Yes?”

Player: “I’m rolling a d20.”
GM: “You’re not there.”
Player: “I’m rolling a d20 anyway.”

“Everything has a stamp saying Denethor.”
“You should’ve called your character Acme.”

Denny: “The temple is larger than before and more ornate.”
GM: “Show-off.”

“Oghma is knowledge and ideas.”

“Oghma’s a dude?!”

GM: “That could take some time. Dragons are weighty bastards. I’m not saying you’re fat, but …”
Elani (tersely): “That’s what I heard.”

Gunda: “I’m Gunda the Swan! I’m very good at skiing.”
GM: “I hate your joke so much. It’s good.”

NPC: “So the Temple of Gond is still standing?”
Player: “… Weeeell …”

Player 1: “I think the GM’s keeping score.”
Player 2: “Of our fuck-ups.”
Player 3: “Of our doings. Achievements.”
Player 1: “No, fuck-ups is right.”
Player 2: “Would we do anything but fuck-ups?”

GM: “What you notice when walking around with Kale---”
Player: “He smells a bit like cabbage?”

NPC: “If you could make that happen, it would be a miracle.”

“I wouldn’t mind it if you kill him. I’m just putting it out there.”

NPC: “I’m not an idiot. Are you?”
Player: “And now we roll for idiocy!”

“Train them! That’ll keep them warm.”
“Me in full armour, them in underwear?”
“Yeah. That sounds fair.”

“I’m telling the truth! This deceiving thing is the best thing since sliced bread!”

“Man, I take a lot of damage in this world! People need to stop hitting me.”

GM (listing animals): “One direwolf …”
Player: “Is it Nymeria?”

“I asserted my dominance.”
“Quite successfully.”

“So are we now---”
“Staging an uprising? Yes.”

“Are we saying Cormyr is Britain and Tilverton is Ireland? Because I’m up for that.”
“Hmm, more like Gibraltar.”

Winter wolf: “They’re very loud.”
Elani: “That’s humans for you.”
Player: “Human-ist.”

To be continued!