You deserve a shotgun refund

This session was sort of like three solo adventures. Or, well, side quests. We all went around doing our own things. Talking to people. Training montages from Psyscape. Dreamlike visions of Nxla followers. Plans being made up. Distances were estimated and fact-checked against Google Maps (although technically we measured the driving distance, not the way the dragon flies).

Hopefully we'll come together next week and do some stuff together as a party.

Courtesy of Monday 8 January 2018's Rifts roleplaying session.

Booker: “I trust Psyscape.”
GM: “WHAT?! Where did THAT come from?!”

GM: “Unfortunately, not at a time where it matters.”

Booker: “I don’t want the fusion blocks, I can’t use them.”
GM: “That never stopped Gorbash before!”

“You deserve a refund.”
“They deserve a Booker refund. A SHOTGUN refund.”
“Shotguns don’t give refunds.”

NPC: “Showers? I don’t need those. I had one last week.”

“I can dance.”
“If you want to. You can leave your friends behind.”
“I did.”

“We could nuke Soulharvest, that would get at least several hundred cultists.”
“That sounds a bit genocidey, though.”

“I’m thinking of bringing Baradhi around as a middle man. He speaks partial insect.”

“I know GM speak! I know what that means!”

To be continued!