…We’ll call that ’Desperate Plan Z’

This weekend just past, there was ChimeraCon 3 - a 24 hour roleplaying event at Chimera in Beeston. I only participated in two of the four sessions, but was a bit too tired to write down quotes from session four's Dragonlance: Fifth Age session, unfortunately. (And yes, there were some funny lines from that. When my dotty old man wasn't busy complaining about being cold.)

Instead, these ones are from the first session's Eclipse Phase game, which was a continuation of the story from ChimeraCon 2 in February. This time, the team went to an ice-covered London on planet Earth, where one of the characters found he hadn't died ten years ago, but that he had been forked and was alive and well, and had drunk all the beer ...

”…We’ll call that ’Desperate Plan Z’.”

“What’s going on at Canary Wharf?”
“No one gets that far without dying.”

Copy: “We have an apartment on Mars.”
Original: “Do we?”
Copy: “Yes.
Original: “Why aren’t we there drinking beer?”

GM: “You are looked at like … he still doesn’t trust himself.”

“I succeed by 42.”
“Good number.”

PC: “Hey kid, do your thing!”

GM: “Don’t look at me for answers. I’m the GM! I plan the evil, you live through it!”

NPC: “We knew there was something bad down there. That’s why we don’t go on the Jubilee Line.”

GM: “I hope that whenever you travel on the Jubilee Line now you’ll be freaked.”

GM (When the computer was busy talking to an AI and a character tried getting in touch): “ ‘This channel is busy. Here is some soothing music.’ ” (Hums Memory from Cats) “…I don’t know why he’s a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber, but he is.”

“You ARE missing a leg.” (To spider-bot)
“He’s got seven more!”

One can only conclude that a five-hour ChimeraCon slot puts us in a more serious mood than our regular sessions on Tuesday evenings. Because it couldn't be that our Eclipse Phase characters are a bit more serious ... could it?