The Posse vs beef liquorice

While the rest of the session is being transcribed, we thought we’d treat you with some things from the first half-hour … namely what happened when a bag of beef jerky had been brought in, to “make it feel authentic” and “set the mood”. Or so the guilty party tried to explain it. The reactions were mixed, to say the least. And then we went on a tangent about fictional characters made out of liquorice.


“It smells like really pungent pe… uh …”
“Percolator coffee?”

“Aah, that’s the taste of the Old West: beef and soap.”

“Once opened, eat same day.”
“Or they come alive.”

“You’ve ever had ostrich jerky? Don’t bother.”

“In comparison to, say … acid, it’s quite nice.”

Player 1: “The aftertaste is bloody awful.”
Player 2: “It’s kind of like beef liquorice.”
Slick: “I have to make this now! Would this be Alchemy or Chemistry?”
GM: “Mad Science.”
Slick: “Mad Science, of course.”

“There’s only a mind that’s been destroyed by Bertie Bassett that could conceive of such an evil.”

“I’m not gonna create a radioactive corpse farm, I’m just gonna create Bertie Bassett. And that’s evil enough!”

(movie trailer voice) “Where Bertie Basset was created, no mortal now sets foot. Only him and his vicious gang of syrup golems. Created by slowly melting and torturing sugar … until it’s a sweetener of pain.”

“Fear the taffy brigade! It’s elite monsters! It’s salty and from America.”

“We’re all kinds of wrong.”
“We haven’t mentioned toddlers yet.”

“It has a horrible aftertaste.”
“Kind of like nosebleed.”

“Beef jerky is our universe’s version of dwarf bread! You’ll go to extreme lengths to go somewhere where you don’t have to eat it.”

“The taste is so strong even the bacteria run.”

“It’s like licking a barbecue after it’s finished, isn’t it?”

“I swear one of those just moved!”
“…I’ll have a Mikado.”

Oh yeah, and we ended up playing Deadlands last night, because a person was missing from the session and we can’t really conclude the story with a pivotal character missing. Should be able to finish it next week, though, and then it’s back to Deadlands again.

The rest of the madness from this week’s session will be revealed later in the week, so keep an eye out, pardner!