Go directly to jail, do not pass Wollaton Hall!

Finn's back, falling off a chandelier when waking up from a drunken night. We all got taken to the police station because the police arrived suspiciously early because they heard a couple of drug gangs were fighting it out at the Hall, and when the police looked through the house, found a pound of drugs in a safe. Turned out Jack's event manager was responsible, so we were all let off.

After speaking with our friend the Count, we got invited to a party, to celebrate Jack being raised to Baron. Huzzah! He immediately got plastered on really strong Troll ale and had to be restored by Flora. While Finn was on the scene playing guitar, Set ran off to help when hearing a Redcap had broken into the kitchen. This turned into a showdown between him, the Redcap, Hugo (one of the Count's men) and Jack, who had come to see where Set had rushed off to.

The Redcap, as it turned out, was breaking in to attempt reading poetry at Sophia Valdemar, the Count's daugher (whose brain tumour we still haven't been able to find a cure for), but he got locked up in the toilet instead. At least he wasn't killed.

Meanwhile, at the main table, Alysiana tried flirting her way into the skirts of a beautiful Sidhe woman, and Flora sat there nursing her ale, pondering what she'd put up at the crafts fair suggested by Jack. The session ended when we were just about to enter into a full-on drinking game, so that'll be for next time ...

Courtesy of Tuesday 20 December 2011’s 2nd Edition Changeling: The Dreaming adventure at Chimera.

“Jay Garrett has the best death in DC Comics.”
“Jay Garrett isn’t dead.”
“I’m NOT thinking of Jay Garrett.”

“Oh, the cleansing power of hatred.”

Jack: “I’m a cross between Batman and Richie Rich.”
Finn: “Wait, that means I’m that crappy commissioner from the ‘60s!”

Alysiana: “I’m not Catwoman!”
Finn: “You’re all KINDS of cat, woman.”

“Screw this, we’re having an X-Men fancy dress party!”

Jack: “I’m a cross-dressing Jubilee.”

“I hope he doesn’t beat me up.”
“Why, is he Wolverine?”

(to GM) “No! He was on the chandelier! Don’t retcon!”

“John is a young Ross Kemp.”
“Isn’t that Vin Diesel?”

“He has a gun and is called Kevin. I assume he’s a chav.”

Set (to Jack): “Please don’t sue the people I work for.”
Finn: “You can sue the police?! Why haven’t I done that?”

“Anyone who has been arrested lots of times know they arrest you first, THEN you get your phone call.”

GM: “You’re in a separate car with the rest of the police.”
Set: “Thank heavens for small mercies.”

GM: “You’re taken in for questioning as well.”
Alysiana: “But I’m an innocent bystander!”
(Rest of party roll their eyes)
Set: “It’s standard police procedure!”

Set: “How long does it take to get to the police station?”
GM: “Twenty minutes.”
Set: “It’s 20 minutes of this then: (facepalm)”

“In a group, they’re called a murder.”
“A murder of lawyers?”

“You’ve traumatised the client. Badgering the witness!”
“We’re not in court yet.”

Finn: “The only ones sharing a cell are me and him.”
Set: “Because the world loves punishing me.”

Alysiana: “I have a cunning plan.”
Set: “OH GOD NO! No no no no …”
Finn: “Is it as cunning as MY cunning plan? Which involves ‘when they open the door, leg it’.”

Alysiana: “I call plan B ’19 hours’.”
Finn: “I call mine ‘24 hours’, because that’s how long they can hold us without charging us.”
Flora: “Unless you’re a terrorist.”
Finn: “If they can prove I’m a terrorist, something’s seriously wrong with the legal system.”
Flora: “You’re Irish, you could be I.R.A.”
Finn: “I can’t even SPELL I.R.A.! If I was a bomb maker, I’d be dead!”

Finn: “Half of what I’m taking isn’t illegal. You can’t get arrested for snorting drain cleaner.”

“Oh, he mentioned eggplants; he’s gonna be eight hours.”

“Headline being ‘Wollaton Hall scandal’?”
“What’s Christian Bale gonna do now?”

“What are you getting so excited about? - Wait, does this mean we’re getting it on now?”

“We’ve not died, for a start.”
“Not dying is not an achievement.”

Alysiana: “I’m looking for jobs as an actress.”
Set: “Oh so not a JOB job, then. That makes me feel so much better.”

(to Jack) “If you’re not tall enough to go on all rides at Alton Towers, you shouldn’t be making decisions for all of us.”

“We have a ROGlem. Top that!”
“Anything you can pun, I can pun better.”

“Jack, this all feels a little Deliverance.”
“This is all feeling a little night rave, which I like the sound of.”

GM: “A huge hog is roasting over the fire.”
Player: “Did it used to be a Changeling?”

“Don’t say I can’t out-drink Thor!”
“Dude, we’re in the Dreaming, ham it up.”

Lord Henrik: “Someone get him an ale!”
Finn: “He’s eleven!”
Lord Henrik: “So?”
Finn: “I have no problem with that.”

Finn: “He called me a fartarse! It’s the worst insult I’ve ever had!”
Jack: “Only if you light them, shortarse.”

“Who puts a child in charge of a gate?”

“There are no laws against paedophilia.”
“Yes, yes there are!!”

Jack: “Where’s Alysiana?”
Flora: “I don’t know. Probably off somewhere, having sex.”

“You dance like John Prescott, and he gets laid often. Don’t worry about it.”

“Last Christmas, I gave you something. Not my heart. Probably herpes.”
“Or syphilis.”
“If you catch both, do they cancel each other out?”

GM: “It’s up to you what you want to do.”
Finn: “Introduce the crowd to saxophone death metal! It’s been far too long.”

GM: “You’ll be quite surprised when …”
Player: “Hitler arrives!”

“Lock him in the pantry.”
“No, pantries are horrible places; we know this from experience.”

“Lock him in the toilet.”
“Ahh, it’s turning into many a party I’ve been to.”

Player: “Any attempt at reading poetry, as we all know, is punishable by death. Hitler agrees; don’t you?”
Hitler: “Ja, ja!”

“Okay, how many blokes are falling in love with this tumorous girl?”

“Never send a group of Satyrs to Great Ormond Street, it will never end well.”

Finn or Alysiana: “And Set AGREED with you on this?”
Set: “I’m not murder happy.”

NPC: “So no drinkers in your house then? You’re all a bunch of women!”
Finn: “I’ll have you know, I’m already fucked.”

Set (to his Redcap prisoner): “Can you break out of the door a little quicker? I have a feeling I’m missing something over there.”

“Is that pencil yours?”
“Well, it’s mine now!”

Our next session is scheduled for 17 January, as that's the next time we can get the whole group together, what with holidays and everything. We might still pop in here and say hello occasionally, though. We're nice like that. :)