Late 2010 or early 2011 - 24 April 2012

The Game

2nd Edition Changeling: The Dreaming from White Wolf, one of WW's dead games. Set amongst the fae (trolls, satyrs, leprechauns, etc) of modern day Nottingham, the characters have to walk a fine line between the seelie Count Rikard Valdemar, and the unseelie lead by the creepy Baron Eadmund Hallish. But then they have a hard enough time just getting along with each other...!

Wollaton Hall
Home Sweet Home

The Band

Generic soap actress by day and amnesiac Sidhe lady by night. Alysiana always has her very own agenda – which doesn’t necessarily coincide with that of the rest of the group. She puts her feminine charms to good use to get information on occasion, or it could just be that she enjoys sex more than other people. She wouldn’t tell you either way, of course, but chances are she doesn’t even know herself. After all, she has amnesia. Terribly convenient, that, if you ask the rest of us …

Finn is a grump (or at least very nearly) Satyr from somewhere in Ireland. (We suspect he won’t tell us because then we’d be able to tell if his accent is accurate or not.) When he’s not with one of his many girlfriends, he’s a guitarist in a band and cares more for his fellow party members than perhaps they realise. This is a man with more to him than meets the eye, even if what meets the eye is a penchant for drink, drugs, sex and eggplants (not necessarily in that order), and … that’s mainly what we see. Not to be confused with Mr. Tumnus.

Her player claims she still doesn’t know who Flora is, aside from being a Boggan with wicked Herbalism and Medical skillz. The party strongly suspects her to be a hippie. Claims to be “a healer, not a fighter” and enjoys the occasional Grease sing-a-long and thinks a good way of trying to find information about someone is to say they’ve heard the person in question is GORGEOUS and wants to have a look. Possibly the only woman who doesn’t hate Finn, and the only one – except Alysiana – who won’t sleep with him.

Jack Tremayne
Only eleven years old, he should’ve been accepted at Hogwarts by now, but instead, this childling Nocker is a mix between a young Bruce Wayne and Richie Rich, with Wollaton Hall as primary residence. Jack doesn’t know what haggling is, nor that putting wood splinters down someone’s finger nails isn’t socially acceptable (“but it worked on 24!”), but he’s not a sociopath … he’s “just a kid”. His parents have gone missing somewhere in Borneo and instead of using his immense intelligence and skillz with electronics to try and find them, he’s busy turning his mansion into a freehold and holding drug-fuelled parties.

Set an Cúlán
With the couple of criminals that this Troll Knight now associates himself with, he’s developed a trademark move – the Facepalm – as a coping mechanism, or at least we presume it’s a coping mechanism, because he does it a lot. Our very own Big Blue is one of Nottingham’s finest policemen as a human and a chivalrous law enforcer as a Changeling. Need something checking out? Set’s your man. Set also does a mean stakeout and drives a Volvo. We suspect he secretly harbours a longing to be a private investigator, but can’t find a trenchcoat big enough. Got a mean club, though, and he certainly packs a punch!

Notable Friends

Baron Eadmund Hallish
A guy who has a minion that looks a bit too much like John Travolta for us to be able to trust him. Or possibly the fact that he’s the head of the unseelie court of Nottingham. Either way, he’s not exactly a friend of ours. Although he could be a friend of Alysiana’s and no one would know, not even her.

Count Rikard Valdemar
Hiding out in a mansion somewhere north of Nottingham, the Count is the head of the seelie court, and we quite like him. Finn especially likes his daughter. We helped him get rid of some wolves in our first adventure, and some of us even swore some sort of fealty to him.

The Grandfather Clock
We wouldn’t go steal things out of an old woman’s cottage, would we? Yes, yes we would. At least if it’s a grandfather clock who sounds a bit like Eeyore, except without the depression. We instantly took such a liking to the fellow that we decided to bring him back with us. Staying with a creepy cannibal when he can bing bong all he likes at Wollaton Hall? Exactly.