I could explain it, but I choose not to

Well, sometimes things happen. There's no need to go into details, really. We thought we were going to continue Changeling, but the GM had to leave the group ... so we're obviously not doing that game anymore. We'll have to leave Alysiana, Finn, Flora, Jack and Set to their own devices for the forseeable future. Sad, but that's how it is. On the positive side, we're happy to report the GM in question now the proud father of a fresh squeezed baby daughter, so our congratulations! :)

But, the GM announcing he was leaving put a damper on things, and it means that the quotes from the session last week ... weren't that many. Although I really need to check the recording because Justin Bieber tweet fortune cookies causing black holes is a pretty funny concept.

Here's the stuff from 1 May 2012:

“First, we create a business model – then we invade Poland.” (If 6d6 was run like Nazi Germany)

“My name is Elmo and I know where you live. Hahahaha!”

“Fortune cookies with tweets … That would be depressing. Half of them would be about Justin Bieber.”

“I forgot to post the links on B’s wall.”
“You didn’t forget. Your mental scars healed.”

“They ask questions about music that I can’t answer, like ‘what’s a zither?’ Some kind of snake?”
“So is that woodwind or brass?”

Player 1: “We picked some stuff up on the way.”
Player 2: “Guess where from!”
Player 3: “Lidl?”
Player 4: “Do you have a loyalty card there or something?”
Player 1: “They don’t do one.”
Player 4: “So you’ve asked.”

“Guys, we invented this ages ago. It was Care Bears!”
“I’m glad we invented that.”

“Anyone can be a buffoon; it takes talent to be a clown.”

“I’m actually kind of scared we have a format for ‘previously on’ now.”

And of course, because we're not continuing Changeling, this week, we just had a short(ish) session where we tried to plan what we're going to do next. After voting so confusing it would make Floridians proud, we settled on three shorter campaigns, a month each, for now. Sadly, though, not a lot was written down:

So, from 8 May 2012:

“Did he smell like Christian Slater? Because if he did, don’t listen to him.”

“Who are in the Avengers Alliance?”
“A bunch of wankers!”

“Bruce Banner is walking the line.”
“Like Johnny Cash.”

“Is anyone shirtless in any of The Avengers prequels?”
“Yes. Thor. …You’ll wanna see that one, believe me.”

“Are we done deflating my ego?”

“Would you like to play a game? I’m not creepy, I’m just lonely.”

Player: “I vote we behead S to calm the North!”
S: “I’m not Sean Bean!”

“It’ll be set in New York, not Seattle. Everyone goes to Seattle.”
“Except for Gunney.”

“I could explain it, but I choose not to.”

The results are, that we're doing four weeks of Call of Cthulhu, then four weeks of Shadowrun and then four weeks of Victoriana, which I'm the one who's supposed to run and I haven't even read the book yet!

Next week, we'll introduce you to our crack team of paranormal investigators ...