This is not plagiarism, honest

Investimagations continued. Mulder Mulligan wanted to detain the three Goth vigilantes (that Cully shot a flare gun at last session) for way longer than the DA thought acceptable, while Cully was busy carvin' cadavers down in the morgue.

The victims were all killed in much the same way. There was a blue goo left behind in the wounds, which proved to be lethal when she subjected a lab mouse to it. Sadly, Cully's player can't really technobabble medical jargon, so the explanation to what's happening might soon be along the lines of "reversing the polarity of the ovid adrenal sphincter".

As the investigation progressed, the two FBI agents ended up in a jewellery store, and persuaded the shop owner to hand over three big diamonds ("only" worth $14M) for safe-keeping, in case the store would be burgled by invisible people with jaw-span of 1.5 metre that can chew through steel.

Oh, and the death count is currently at four. Might be five once an Arab Sheikh gets woken up by Agent Mulligan's phone call in the middle of the night, or when the killer realises that Agent Cully fits his/her/its M.O. to a tee. Help.

Courtesy of Wednesday 12 September 2012's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“Sexy tech hookers!”
“It’s a good thing it’s not Pokémon night.”

“Why can’t we be employed by roleplaying game companies as games testers?”
“They already have those. They’re roleplayers.”

Mulligan: “I do believe in UFOs because my sister was kidnapped by one.”

“We’re not plagiarising, we’re …”
“Paying homage.”
“A lot of homage.”

“I can’t see that sign from here.”
“That’s because you are blind, and also a midget.”

“He has wood in his pocket and that’s not a euphemism.”

“Character sheets are missing. Oh, but that’s all right – it means we can’t die!”

GM: “It’s now officially a serial killer, because he has now killed four people.”
Player 1: “Let’s go to the blood splatter analyst. He seems suspect.”
GM: (hums the Dexter theme)
Player 2: “Does he have any slides?”

“A perfumery or a soap shop, maybe.”
“Does this tempt you to run into Lush next time and yell ‘aaarghhh Cthulhu!!!!!’?”

Mulligan: “It could have been a parasite coming down with a meteorite and attaching itself to someone.”
Cully: “Sceptical Scully look.”

Mulligan: “I’m confident I can convince the jury in our favour.”
Cully: “As long as he hasn’t heard the rumours of you being ‘Spooky’ Mulligan …”

“LOL! Mega-LOL!”

Cully (after testing a lethal blue goo on a mouse): “I feel bad now.”
Player: “Mouse-murderer!”


Cully: “This cannot have happened because it defies science, which means it doesn’t exist. Unless it’s about God or Jesus, in which case I believe in it. Even though it makes about as much sense as giant invisible sharks biting open safes to steal diamonds.”

Mulligan: “Maybe the diamonds are eggs. But I don’t want to go there yet.”
GM: “Don’t tell the DA that.”

GM: “No animal could have done this.”
Player: “But it could be the guy from the James Bond films?”
GM: “…It has a jaw span of 1.5 metres.”
Player: “Huh.”

NPC: “You’ve worried me now.”
Mulligan: “That’s okay, I’ve seen a lot of unusual stuff. This is the worst.”

GM: “They have only minor offenses, like drugs charges, drunk and disorderly …”
Player: “Wearing a cape outside a LARP …”
GM: “Being Goth …”

NPC: “Where’s your evidence for that, then?”
Mulligan: “Classified. - Technically true.”

GM: “You’ve successfully persuaded the jewellery store owner to put $14 million worth of diamonds in a police lock-up. Because the cops in New York are never corrupt.”

Mulligan: “Does it die good and proper?”
GM: “Yes.”
Mulligan: “Then I dual-wield Bunsen burners!”

GM: “When the diamonds are put near them, they have no effect.”
Player: “Shit.”

Mulligan: “So it was probably the Plexi-glass after all. Which means I’m now a walking buffet.”

You don't even want to know what happens next session ... Oh you do? Well, you better come back here next week and find out, then!