Delta Green

5 September 2012 - 4 September 2013

The Game

Modern day Cthulhu, basically, set in the United States. Delta Green is a secret organisation that deals with multidimensional threats. When proposing it, the GM said "Sort of like The X-Files" which the players then took to mean "huzzah, let's play X-Files!" and just ran with it.


Team X

James McAffe, FBI
Computer analyst Agent McAffe is the latest addition to the party. He's yet to be convinced Team X are doing a good thing investigating these weird, possibly alien, encounters, and he's been reluctant to view Mulligan's excellent (if potentially SAN-lowering) PowerPoint presentation. But then again, he prefers a salad over steak and chips, and when you're in steak land, that is kind of weird.

Robert E Bones, US Marshalls
Our very own Texas ranger, who looks suspiciously like Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive, except our version plays a banjo. He likes seeing guns, holding guns, firing guns ... well, you get the idea. Last time we saw him, he had also lost the most amount of Sanity in the entire group, which doesn't bode well for future missions.

Sarah Cully, FBI
Dr S Cully (get it?) studied medicine before being recruited by the FBI. She's petite, has a red bob haircut and while being a devout follower of Cathol, she's also one for science. If you can't explain it, it doesn't exist, that sort of thing. Not only is she very good with a scalpel and can do autopsies like it's nobody's business, she also has a degree in physics, which has proven surprisingly useful so far.

Tiger Mulligan, FBI
The FBI's most unwanted normally hides out in a basement office in the J Edgar Hoover Building, flicking sharpened pencils at the ceiling while eating sunflower seeds and admiring his "I WANT TO BELIEVE" poster. When he isn't doing that, he's out hunting for proof of aliens visiting the Earth. While an Oxford psychology graduate, and a brilliant profiler for the FBI, Mulligan has a secret: he likes to dress up in women's clothing ...

Team X (Retired)
General Ada Silver
Towering over her fellow team members, the great (in both senses of the word) General Silver was called in from the military forces when the situation in New York got just a little too strange for the FBI. A no-nonsense kind of person, she's as good with a gun as she is intimidating people with her physique. Has proven herself to be more than capable at deciphering magic/chemical rituals.