I chose a bad day to quit drinking

As the group was joined by a brand new player, it ended up mainly being a short-ish introductory session, as the character had to be created, and we were waiting for Mulligan to show up as well, as he had been stuck at work. We had in fact only just begun by having the Special Agents introducing themselves to the new character when he showed up.

General Ada Silver is a giant in comparison with Mulligan and Cully, and is our military liaison officer. All she has to do to intimidate people is to show up and tower over them.

Together, we went to Hobb's Court, the scene of the first murder, and where Hobb's Lane used to be in 1928. There were some shops there, and we had people to ask a few questions. Except not the guy in the wine shop, who had mysteriously run away ...

Courtesy of Wednesday 24 October 2012's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“We’re re-writing history! Oh god, what’s gonna happen to us?”

“You could be The Lone Gunmen! The character is big enough in size to be a 3-in-1.”

“Here’s a penis for your baby!”
“They have a register for that …”

“Mayham is also an alcoholic. If he wasn’t one when we started, he is one by now.”

“I’m trying to find him innocent, but you’re still trying to prove he’s guilty.”
“But he LOOKS EVIL!”

“I don’t know what to redact, but that’s okay, we can put him on a terrorist watch list.”

“He MIGHT be put in Guantanamo Bay, or he might be … taken care of.”

Mulligan: “We need all this done in six hours.”
Magnus (terse): “I’m not actually getting paid for any of this.”

Player 1: “Are there opening hours listed?”
GM: “No.”
Player 2: “You’re gonna hate me for this: Google ‘Wine All You Want’ opening hours’!”
GM: “Make me a Computer Use roll.”
Player 2: “To use Google?!”

“We are on serious government business. Do you know the opening hours of the wine shop next door?”

“Yeah, Bill’s with us as well. Sacrificial Lamb #1.”

“You’ll definitely need to deduct some SAN for thinking that. Not your character – you as a person.”

“I went with Ada.”
“Yeah, like an old person.”

“When he disappears from somewhere … in a puff of logic …”

“Can’t we leave motion-sensitive camera equipment?”
“Strapped with C4? Good idea.”

Mulligan: “…Go crazy and fire blindly into an alley.”
Cully: “Is there something we need to talk about?”
Mulligan: “I just wanted to give you an analogy you could relate to.”
Cully: “Again: is there something you wish to discuss with me?”

“If the 90-year-old woman’s in the tattoo shop, we’re definitely somewhere weird.”

NPC: “He hasn’t been in for a few days now.”
Cully: “Well, he was detained for a couple of them …”
Mulligan: “Shhh!”

“This isn’t hacking. Jack had Hacking. This is Computer Use.”

Player 1: “Is it a Catholic or Protestant church?”
GM: “Greek Orthodox.”
Player 1: “Greek Orthodox Christian?”
Player 2: “Well, duuh, they wouldn’t exactly be Greek Orthodox Satanists, would they?”

“We’re not just Satanists, we’re ORTHODOX Satanists.”

Mulligan: “How do you feel about the Greek Orthodox church? As a Catholic.”
Silver: “‘Splitters!’”
Cully: “Yeah, pretty much.”

“Of course I’m Catholic! I’m a Good Catholic Girl, like I end up being in all games!”
“NOW who’s doing the Irish accent?”

“I never did history.”
“Yeah, we’ve noticed.”

“I’ll just pop to the loo and then we can have our customary half-hour chat in the cold.”

And again, we survived! If there's another player joining next time, we might be able to drag out our inevitable deaths even more! :D However, it won't be next week, as we'll be out trick-or-treating.