That's why they put the I in FBI

After a prolonged re-cap to get the two very special agents up to speed after the three-week gaming break, Mulligan and Cully actually found clues. And plot. And all sorts of things that meant we progressed a whole lot more than normally would be expected.

Cully's dice rolls were consistently awful, but on the other hand, she had had a big scare the night before. Still, as Mulligan's rolls were pretty good, we still made headway.

We found out that the hat had belonged to a doctor, who disappeared four months after the murder of a writer in 1928, whose corpse had similarities with the present day killings. The doctor's forwarding address shortly before going missing were close to where the first and fifth murder took place.

Might this be some sort of weird transcendental time travel, with a doctor possessed by a creature from another dimension? We don't really want to believe this one.

Courtesy of Wednesday 17 October 2012's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“Were you doing Pi squared in your head?”

“I thought it was chocolate, and then I realised it was Star Wars figures.”

“Well, it would be four weeks, as we weren’t here for three. Funny thing how maths work, isn’t it?”

“I’m all kinds of wearing a hat!”

GM: “You’re witnesses too now!”
Mulligan: “I’m fine with that.”
Cully: “I’m not.”

“Excuse me while I waffle.”

“We just need a fat kid with an attitude to befriend Cthulhu.”

“Let’s go with ‘possessed’. Like nice, religious doctrine.”

“Do you see where I’m going with this?”
“Neither am I.”

“I’m not evil. Look at HIM!”

“Ninjas hide in toilets for days on end, waiting for people. That’s what they do.”

GM: “…Rain rattling the window panes …”
Player: “It’s a dark and stormy night.”
GM: “It certainly is.”

“It’s 1928. We two are friends and decide to play around with …”
“The forces of darkness.”

Mulligan: “When convention and science offer us no answers, might we not finally turn to the fantastic as a plausibility?”
Cully: “What I find fantastic is any notion that there are answers beyond the realm of science.”

“He always wore sunglasses and a sort of hat. His hair was black rather than brown. Almost Asian.”
“Wait, he’s not that Korean bloke, is he?”
“I don’t think he was doing the Gangnam Style, no.”

“I remember now, he just LOOKS evil.”

“My badge is bigger than yours.”

Players from another table looking over at ours, where Mulligan and Cully dutifully flashed their mightily convincing FBI badges:
“Look at their table!”
“I fucking love you guys.”

NPC: “He said something about beware of staring into the abyss, because of what might stare back at you.”
Cully: “Had he recently watched Firefly?”

Mulligan: “I’ll start with The Naked Truth, because it’s probably in English.”
Cully: “Does it have pictures of naked ladies in it?”
GM: “Funnily enough, no.”

“Welcome to the glory of our game.”

“Was Satan born in 1976?”
“He will be now!”

“What’s in the leather-bound book?”
“We just had a chat with him. Convinced him to be human for a hundred years.”

Shopkeeper: “I take it you’re not shopping for a wedding ring, then.”
Mulligan: “Not yet. Well, you never know.”
Cully: “Give it about nine series …”

“Keep on rolling high, it’s making me look good.”

“Aren’t there facial recognition software?”
“I think we’re playing in Real Land as opposed to TV Land.”

“It’s not quite a year, but it could be a Gregorian calendar thing.”

Mulligan: “Is there anything else you can think of that we could get from the homeless guy?”
Cully: “Disease.”
GM: “Fleas?”

Mulligan and Cully are still alive, and might even be joined by another agent or two next week. We'll just have to wait and see!