No bodies, no problem

We contined our investimagations and the cameras we put up in the basement of the wine shop finally paid off. The weird monster tried to come in through a smoke cloud, but because of the ball bearings scattered all over the floor, it couldn't materialise. Fascinating.

As it happened, we then had to get out of there to find where the thing would materialise instead. As it turned out, a couple of nutters who wanted to become "vampires" were there with it. And they all disappeared, in a puff of smoke ...

Courtesy of Wednesday 7 November 2012's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“How many normal people do you know who walk around with their tits out?”

“On the other hand, Craig Parker is quite well-hung.”
“I did not need to know that!!”

“…So he’s basically a blue-afroed version of Shaft.”

“I’ve put the files on a cloud server. Secure.”

“He’ll end up in Guatemala or something.”
“Yeah, somewhere that does chocolate.”

“We have a guy at work who’s about 7 ft and has a big beard.”
“No, it’s Phil.”

Player: “We’ve got our one sacrificial lamb NPC with us.”
GM: “Mayham’s your soak roll.”
Player: “Well, he’s too drunk to do anything about it.”

“Cookies are round but not shiny. OH! MALTEASERS! That’s what we need!”

GM: “They are a couple of guys sitting outside in blankets.”
Player: “How do they look, style-wise?”
GM: “They look a mess.”

Mulligan: “It’s all right, dear.”
Cully: “Who are you calling ‘dear’? We’re not supposed to date for another few series!”
Silver: “But the tension is always there, right?”

Player: “I’ll call Wild Bill General Custer type person.”
(confused silence for a few seconds)
GM: “Oh, you mean the captain?”

GM: “The guy’s gonna come back off holiday and go ‘whaaaat?!’”
Player: “We’ll do a cleaning exercise! …If we remember.”

“Do we still get the killing if it’s death by floor?”

Player 1: “It’s afraid of shiny metal balls.”
Player 2: “Who isn’t?”
Player 3: “It’s a common problem. There are support groups all over Nottingham.”

“He signed the Official Secrets Act! If he talks, I can shoot him!”

GM: “He recognises you from before, so you don’t need to show badges or anything.”
Player 1: “Are you SURE we don’t need to show badges?”
Player 2: “Show him anyway!”

Player: “Does the house have a loft?”
GM: “A what?”
Player (exaggerated US accent): “Sorry, an ATTIC. With an el-y-vay-teeer.”
GM: “…I’m gonna say no.”

Cully: “We’ll have to wait until tomorrow.”
Mulligan: “Someone will be dead by then.”
Silver: “I’m thinking long-term.”

Mulligan: “It’s 22 minutes to the Smithsonian from here by car.”
GM: “I love Google Maps.”

“We’re not abusing our power, we’re using it. There’s a difference.”

“The police are sending a policewoman to trap him. That’s not good is it?”
“It depends. Is she suicidal?”

“I want someone capable over there.”
“Capable? The police?”

NPC: “We need to get over there. He might be turning up.”
Cully: “We’re busy. We’re terribly busy.”
Mulligan (to Mayham): “Hey! Meatshield!”

GM (describing a doctor): “Long, canine teeth …”
Player 1: “That’s why we think he’s evil.”
Player 2: “Well, it’s not a leading statement or anything.”

“I don’t think there is a Run. I could try to Dodge the ground?”

Player 1: “Why do I have the feeling this is going to end terribly?”
Player 2: “Because it probably will?”
GM: “Because it’s Call of Cthulhu?”

“I just stole someone’s pencil.”
“That’s okay, there are more.”

“Well, nobody’s died and if the Goths snatched were killed, we don’t care. No bodies, no problem.”

Player: “Is the rest of the night uneventful?”
GM: “In terms of monsters disappearing and reappearing and killing people, yes, the rest of the night is uneventful.”

“Player characters in Cthulhu are really flies on a windscreen.”

“I used to be a Cthulhu investigator and then I took an arrow to the knee. And it took three campaigns to heal.”

We should totally show Mulligan and Cully's badges before they die.