Oh ye of targeted plot

This week, we found us some hobos that Agent Mulligan equipped with cheap Wal-Mart pagers so they could get in touch easily. General Silver and Agent Cully put their heads together and made a sort of mystic powder, which they then filled bullet casings with - it's a weapon against the abominable diamond man!

We also explored the suspect's old haunts from the 1920s, out in Partridgeville.

Courtesy of Wednesday 14 November 2012's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“I don’t care! Earth is in danger, probably.”

Mulligan (to Cully): “I’m going on blind faith here. Wait, that’s YOUR character. Blind science! Actually, that’s STILL your character. Blind supernatural!”

“In the absence of reasonable, crazy must be true.”

Player: “Culture: Hobo.”
GM: “That’s a stretch.”
Player: “It’s not as much of a stretch as some other things we’ve done.”

“I’m gonna get something retro.”

Player: “Can’t you just put a collar on them with a GPS tracker?”
GM: “The homeless people?”
Player: “Yeah. Or a microchip.”
GM: “What’s your SAN?”

“What do you eat, cake dinners?”

GM: “The DA doesn’t show up at the briefings any more. He doesn’t want to hear the truth.”

GM: “This will be the first time he’s hunted something outside his own species-“
Mulligan: “Me too. Aside from the aliens, but I never catch them.”

GM: “There’s no evidence of aliens.”
Mulligan: “I know, that’s the problem.”
Player: “But he WANTS to BELIEVE.”

“Caramel burn.”
“Sweet-tasting napalm, basically.”

“He’s a lord, he’s got nothing else to do than summon the devil.”

Mulligan (to Mayham): “Mayham, if you were a psychotic alien …”

“To be fair, it’s not a Call of Cthulhu game until you’ve broken in somewhere.”

“We can’t call Gregor ‘Gordon’; he’s probably not alive.”

Player: “You’ll LIKE this.”
GM: “Not a lot.”

“It just means they’re incompetent, not dead.”

“Asking ‘Are you dead?’ would be rude.”

“Write down they were twice as expensive as they actually were.”
“I’m not a British politician.”

“Oh ye of targeted plot.”

(On hearing the GM is re-watching series two of The X-Files)
Player: “I don’t like how you’re back-profiling our characters.”
GM: “Who, ME?”

And next week, we decide to go to a rave ...