Does this mean we finished the adventure?

Halloween rave in Central Park, and we all went - we dressed up and everything, so Mulligan finally got to don his fishnet stockings. Such a proud moment.

Grigor, the Goth tattoo artist vampire wannabe who was in cahoots with the baddie, peddled drugs that would kill you, so we had to take him down. Moving through the crowd, we eventually came across the baddie himself.

As we came well-prepared with marbles, magic dust and shotguns, taking the baddie out wasn't as hard as we had expected. He tried to fade away, but was shot with dust-filled shotgun shells, and when Silver emptied a jar of dust over his head, he exploded. Hurrah!

And as the dust settled, pardon the pun, we had a meeting with a mysterious Miss Green in the bar, who invited us to join the anti pandimensional threat squad known as Delta Green. There's no money in it, but we're in it for the glory. Or, to tell the truth, because it's a plot point and otherwise we wouldn't have a game to play next week.

Courtesy of Wednesday 28 November 2012's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

Continuum is more Time Trax than Fringe is The X-Files. Which is a weird comparison in itself.”

“This is now a castle with a moat!”
“Yeah, but the moat’s inside the castle.”
“It’s a special moat.”

Cully: “I’ll be a good Catholic girl and go pray instead. Because that’ll work.”
Mulligan: “We had a priest. He wasn’t exactly useful.”
Cully: “That’s because he was of the wrong kind of Christianity. He’s practically a heathen.”

“Chemistry is easy. Heat it until it’s THIS colour. If it changes, run.”

GM: “You’re trying to defeat a Cthulhian monster with cheap children’s tat?”
Player: “Bit the marbles worked!”

“Oh no, they closed Poundland, we’re all gonna die!”

GM: “I’ll have a gingerbread brownie for the first character death.”

“Oooh, and a sprinkling of nutmeg!”
“In the shotgun shells?”
“Maybe he’s allergic.”

“Everyone will be wearing earwigs.”
“Not the insect.”

“With science, you kinda need to go ‘it works because it works’.”

“So proving that science doesn’t exist hasn’t disproved the monster.”

“Those fishnets look very good with that outfit.”
“They go well with the moccasins.”

GM: “That was me making a Sanity check.”

“Lots of chalk. Waterproof chalk.”
“What, crayons?”

“This is Central Park.”
“And where’s the café?”
“Central Perk.”

GM (drawing a map): “Yes, they look like lollipops, but they’re trees.”

GM (looking forward to NPC interaction): “I’m gonna get into this!”

“Make it loud, make it proud, Mayhem.”

NPC: “It’s the feds! It’s a bust!”
Female: “That’s not a bust. THIS is a bust!” (props up boobs)

GM: “Mayham’s making his way through the crowd.”
Player: “He’s been drinking again, hasn’t he?”

Silver: “11. I’m better than the SWAT guys!” (who rolled 3)

Silver: “It seems to be having an effect. Keep shooting! Don’t miss!”

“17 damage between us.”
“Hopefully that’ll make him lose his concentration.”

Mulligan: “I’m calling local police because I’m not cleaning up shard-infused vomit.”

GM: “He shatters into pieces.”
Player: “Awesome!”

Mulligan: “The FBI doesn’t have a department to investigate this sort of thing. Does the military?”
Silver: “That’s classified.”

Player 1: “Does this mean that we just finished the adventure?”
GM: “Yes. Unless there’s anything else you’d like to do?”
Player 2: “Not die!”

“I just don’t wanna leave the NPC out; he’d feel slighted.”

“I’m sure Delta Green have plenty of meatshields to choose from. You can get a new one.”

Miss Green: “Delta Green is organised into cells, named after the letters of the alphabet.”
Player: “Ooh! Ooh! Can we be X?”

“I was going to say she’s just an old woman, but we all know how that story goes.”

“I was looking at my Amazon wish list, thinking if I wasn’t on a watch list, I probably should be.”

(a door suddenly appears out of nowhere) “Does that look out of place next to my fridge?”

Next week, we'll see how our first adventure as fully-fledged Delta Green agents turn out. Can't wait!