Deadlands Noir, directed by Quentin Tarantino

As we left last session still in the Bayou, having narrowly escaped being eaten by a ginormous zombie alligator, we returned to town to organise an auction with the Black Hand and the Red Sect. They met up in the Bayou, things kicked off, Malone took Emma and ran behind a shed and spent most of the fight there, which is a great way of not dying.

And then there was this big robot coming down from the sky, which was taken out by a Tommie gun in a spectacular fashion (although not by us). So in the end, we got the girl, weren't killed, and we even got some money to pay our bills. Yay!

Courtesy of Wednesday 6 February 2013's Deadlands Noir adventure at Chimera.

“I’ve found your weakness and it’s ponies.”

Hatch: “We need to put the notes somewhere safe.”
Malone: “How about my knickers? Nothing’s safer than a Catholic girl’s knickers.”

GM: “I move back from part seven of the adventure to part one!”

“Don’t worry, it tastes worse than it smells.”

Hatch: “What does it do?”
Voodoo NPC: “If you don’t puke your guts out, it makes you really attractive to ladies for an hour. $2.”
Malone: “You know, WASHING would probably have that effect.”

“We know how to deal with the Red Sect: don’t.”

“This is going to be a Tarantino film any moment.”

Voodoo NPC: “You don’t get to speak, woman.”
Malone: “This is the 1930s, I’ll have you know!”

“This whole ‘looking into people’s souls’ thing? You should stop that, it’s creepy.”

GM: “Let’s pay it in blood. - And now, make initiative rolls!”

“It IS like a Quentin Tarantino film!”

GM: “You wanted the Mob capo to shoot the Bokor?”
Player: “Yes PLEASE.”

GM: “You would’ve had more info if you’d actually done part two of the adventure.”

GM: “What do you want to do?”
Player: “Mow him down! I want him dead!”

“I’ll describe that in a moment.”
“Please do!”

“There goes my commission.”

GM: “Was there anything else you wanted to do?”
Hatch: “Go begging in the streets?”

“But I have a hat and a waistcoat! I should be fine!”

“Let’s try to kill myself first, and then I can try to kill myself after.”

For next week, we return to modern day, and get back in character as Special Agents Mulligan and Cully in Delta Green.