In Cthulhu, it’s death or nothing

We got the translation of the manuscript in Japanese, the place featured on the photo the insane guy had on him when we had him sectioned was found, and Special Agents Mulligan and Cully went out there to have a look.

This was widely regarded as a bad move.

They found a barn with a hole in the ground. In the shadows, a green jelly monster. Down the hole in the ground, we dug up a piece of rock that was probably hollw inside. And then there was a big, black, tentacled monster.

Throwing all caution to the wind, Mulligan lowered a box of dynamite down the hole and set it on fire with a flare gun - and then legged it. He was one point away from death ... when he finally made a successful Jump roll, landing him face first on the bonnet of an FBI car. At least he lived to tell the tale.

Now we just hope the monster is an ex monster.

Courtesy of Wednesday 6 March 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“Considering we’re now fighting people with psychic powers ...”
“Yeah, but you don’t KNOW that.”
“Yeah we do.”

“Then there are the Dragonblooded, who essentially are –”

Player (from another table): “You could get top hats …”
GM: “Don’t encourage them!”

“Get in the shame bin!”

“We can just go out there and if we die, we die. Then we’ll just spend the rest of the session rolling new characters.”

“Nothing’s more obvious than a vibrating zombie.”
“Especially if it has rigor mortis.”

“I have most things ticked already, but I don’t get to use them when it counts.”

“One extra body could make a difference. Not just from a meat shield point of view.”

GM: “It’s very dark and dingy in here.”
Mulligan & Cully: “We have flashlights!”

Cully: “Caution is my middle name.”
GM: “No, it’s Katherine.”

Player: “That’s the biggest SAN loss to roll for we’ve seen.”
GM: “And the night is still young!”

“Mythos gunge, it’s such a persistent stain.”

Mulligan: “I wondered if you’ve ever heard of anything like this. The best way of describing it is green Jell-O monster.”
Magnus: “Can’t say that I have.”

“What a waste of a 15. That’s gonna haunt me later.”

“Am I thinking what you’re thinking?”

“It’ll end badly.”
“Of course it will. It’s Cthulhu.”

“Have you seen The Hobbit? You know the creature Gollum? Maybe this was his Precious?”
“You mean the green monster? I like your thinking, because that means there’s only one of them.”

“This feels like a heart and arteries. Is this monster trying to awaken? And we’ve just stolen its pacemaker.”

“Now we’re doing the side-quests for them as well.”

“You are America’s defence against the weird. You are like The X-Files heavily armed.”

Player: “Some of the fence has been knocked down?”
GM: “Yeah, it’s not very sturdy.”
Player: “… The car’s a rental!” (drives through the fence)

“You’re player characters. You never follow the plot.”

“In Cthulhu, it’s death or nothing.”

Mulligan: “I thought it would make less damage to wing him with my car than a bullet.”
Cully: “They could’ve shot him in the leg.”
Mulligan: “I already tried that. It’s Cthulhu, it doesn’t work like that.”

“What’s that coming out of the ground, is it a monster?”

“So it’s a black, tentacle monster? I’m just wondering where the Golden Retriever is, because this sounds exactly like a Dean R Koontz novel.”

“I can do Fast Talk and you can pretend it’s Fast Run?”

GM: “Mulligan lands on your car, cushioning the fall with his face.”
Mulligan: “Cully, I think you need to write that report.”

“Hey, do you fancy coming to fight indestructible, tentacled monsters again?”
“Umm, no?”

Next session is probably going to be the last one of this adventure. After that, our fine agents might just need a few decades of therapy. See you next week!