What's that coming out of the ground, is it a monster?

In the adventures of Mulligan and Cully, shizzle really hit the fan. Not only were the ATF storming the cult's compound, all guns blazing, because the person put in charge of them had body-swapped with a Japanese member of the mother cult, the rogue body-swapper was also trying to Do Something.

Mulligan jumped into a helicopter and tried to figure out how to smoke him out of the building by dropping something through the roof, and Cully went with an FBI team around the back. As soon as there was an earthquake and the building started to sink into the ground, she turn and ran, while Mulligan frantically called to Dieter the helicopter pilot to climb, because we had seen this sort of thing happen before.

True to form, a big tentacled monster came out of the ground, waved its tentacles around, ate the body-swapper and then decided to slink back into its cave. A broken stone/egg type thing might have had something to do with it, we're not sure.

Either way, the mission was a great success. Sort of. As long as Mulligan can rest up in a hospital for a month and Cully doesn't lose any more Sanity.

Courtesy of Wednesday 13 March 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“If someone’s an emissary and they send a message, does that make it an MMS message?”

GM: “Where are you being driven to?”
Cully: “Madness.”
Mulligan: “Apart from that …”
GM: “Up the wall.”

“And then we can ALL bounce off the walls!”
“Like the corpses.”

“Smoke grenades are quite light. It’s not like dropping a fridge.”

Dieter: “Would you stop throwing things out of my helicopter, please?”
Mulligan: “I haven’t thrown anything yet!”
Dieter: “Well, stop eyeing things up, then!”

“I saw some footage on the internet, and it must be true if I saw it on the internet!”

“You can’t fire anvils from a grenade launcher.”

“…So we can strap some teargas to a rock and drop it through the roof.”
“Very high-tech.”

“I’m hoping it all kicks off at midnight, because then we have some time. But it’s always midnight somewhere.”

“Option three: all hell is about to break through.”

Dieter: “That was a really strange smoke plume down there.”
Mulligan: “Yeah. Keep saying that.”

“Psychic Japanese Gunderson guy.”
“That’s a good name. I’ll call my next child that.”

“Could you hang ten for, like, ten? I have something I need to do.”
“There’s something. I need. To do.”

“Conspiracy nut? You mean well-informed member of the public, don’t you?”

“Strap me down, and if you think I’m going TOO crazy, shoot me with a tazer.”

“In the book, is there a statement saying ‘why are your players trying to do this’?”

Next session, we are either making Magnus try out a spell Mulligan has just learned, or Mulligan is going to try it himself. Or we might just play a boardgame instead for a change.