Killing zombies with cake - possibly

As we had to fill another couple of sessions due to being a player short, we decided to have another go at zombie boardgame Zpocalypse. The first time we played it, it didn't go so well (we didn't survive the end of the first night), because we didn't have a strategy worked out.

By playing the game, we realised what we should have done ... so we thought we'd give it another go, doing all the things we realised we should have been doing in the first place. And sure enough, we survived the end of the first night! And the second! As we still had another couple of hours left, we decided to play on and see how far we could get. Third night went off without a hitch, but on the fourth night, one player's squad got killed just before we managed to take out the last zombies. But in the words of Meat Loaf, two out of three ain't bad.

This game was split over two sessions, as we ran out of time after the first night. However, as there were only a few quotes from each session, the two sessions are collected in this one post instead.

And yeah, at least half of these quotes were snagged from the adjacent Mutants & Masterminds table again, because they're actually roleplaying, and their quotability is higher than our boardgaming ...

Courtesy of Wednesday 26 June 2013's Zpocalypse boardgame session at Chimera.

“I’m dual-wielding plastic forks!”

“Inoculations? All you need is to work as a nursery nurse for six months and you’ll be immune to the bubonic plague!”

GM: “She’s digesting something she ate, which will make her queen of all vampires.”
Player: “Some people just get the fast-track to royalty, don’t they?”

“Don’t worry, we’re not gonna survive this phase anyway.”

“Next time I come here, I’m wearing metal underwear, just to be sure.”

“He has some kind of thing sticking out through his neck. Like a twig.”

“Roleplayers, eh? Can’t take ‘em anywhere.”

Wednesday 3 July 2013

“I advise not talking to me, because apparently I cause arguments.”

“I endorse zombies every day.”
“You work in a callcentre?”

“He has levels of Bard.”
“He has levels of shouting.”

“When you don’t pay attention to crap, you don’t know it exists.”

“We’ll have to eat all those donuts. That way they won’t be in the way.”

“Am I still unconscious? If not, can I be still unconscious?”

“I’ve discovered something by reading the latest blog post. I’m ANGRY when I’m tired!”

“Look at this, struggling to find zombies to kill. I never thought that was gonna happen.”

“You know, a few minutes ago, we were actually worried.”

“We’re a double lawnmower instead of a single.”

“You know, I think we could take on TWICE as many.”
“Don’t jinx it!”

“Did you FORGET that you don’t control gravity?”

“If you’re doing this for a year, it’s going to be a LONG session.”

“I actually feel quite safe.”
“You shouldn’t.”

“This is my flowchart to damn souls. A nice man with horns told me.”

“It’s a way of getting victory points.”
“What, becoming suicidal?”

“You can put poison in cake and kill him with cake!”

“So we’ve gone from a philosophical conversation to ‘stab him in the dick’. This is a roleplaying store, alright.”

“When we’ve got to Utopia and all of this is finished, I’m going to shoot you first.”

Next session, we should all be back together, if it wasn't for the Blogkeeper's parents coming over for a visit, which means half the group will be missing ... including the Blogkeeper. Not to worry, a post has been pre-prepared for the occasion: what might or might not be the final part of the first Jurisfiction adventure. The week after that we should be back to Delta Green. Should.