Is Mansions of Madness like Cluedo for Satanists?

As we had to fill a session with something due to being a player short, we decided to try the Cthulhu boardgame Mansions of Madness - a relative of Elder Signs and Arkham Horror. Three investigators went to an old mansion, where axe murderers abound!

... We didn't succeed. The GM won. Oh well.

Courtesy of Wednesday 31 July 2013's Mansions of Madness boardgame session at Chimera.

“Why are you walking around in a hamster ball?”
“No reason.”

“I look forward to being murdalised.”

“I can’t believe my D&D knowledge actually became useful.”

“Is Mansions of Madness like Cluedo for Satanists?”

Player 1: “It says the most experienced player should be Keeper.”
Player 2: “None of us has ever played it before.”
Player 3 (to P1): “Well, you bought the game. That gives XP.”

“I have to make SAN checks just to get the board pieces out.”

“What game have you bought? Are we actually going to get out of the shop alive?”

“You could use the teeth for currency and pretend you’re orcs.”
“I don’t know which is more disturbing.”

“He’s staring at you, so get him first.”

“Running away! Like someone who’s a coward.”
“Like someone who wants to stay alive.”

Player: “You don’t HAVE to hurt us.”
GM: “I’ll forget about that.”

“Let’s split up so we’re easier to murder.”

“No, actually, I’m gonna pick on the old man.”

“Chaps! Are you any good at dealing with axe murderers?”

“Oh my god, these puzzles are so nightmarish. I love them!”

“I did it! I told you I boxed for Cambridge!”

“As I’m not being attacked, I’ll get Bacon Rashers.”

GM: “I’m going to do you first.”
Player 1: “Do me first?”
Player 2 (passing the table): “Giggity!”

“Kill one of the PLAYERS?! You haven’t even killed any of the CHARACTERS yet!”

“He’s in a worse condition than he was before.”
“Who’d do something like that?”

“You’re gonna have to wait until the next turn to kill me.”
“How unfair.”

“I don’t need to cackle.”
“The insane smile is ample.”

“You’re the axe murderer murderer.”

Player: “Are you done trying to kill us now, sir?”
GM: “I’m done trying to kill HER.”

Next session, we should be back to Delta Green. Should. With a new accomplice!