It's only paranoia if you're playing Delta Green

Meanwhile in Nebraska: Cully went back to North Platte to perform an autopsy. On the way back from Hayden, she was told to go meet a new guy in the hotel lobby. And sure, clutching a copy of the Fortean Times, there he was - FBI computer analyst James McAffe. (He has a driving skill of about 70, so he's the designated driver from now on.) They set off to autopsy the dead girlfriend, but didn't find anything because Cully somehow managed to roll 95 ... out of 90.

Over in Hayden, Bones and Mulligan got a lift out to the radio telescope array where their Sheriff's department driver got attacked by the guard dog they reportedly don't have. There was tazering involved, and then hog-tying.

The staff at the radio telescope array were a peculiar bunch, particularly one of the other computer guys - who seemed to get through his days using a steady stream of JD.

After meeting back up, introducing McAffe to the rest of the party, the four investigators went to the home of the murderer to see if they could find anything. Insects, is the answer, lots and lots of insects. Insects that seemed to home in on Cully. But then, what are improvised flamethrowers for?

As we didn't really find anything at the house, McAffe stayed behind to go through the computer a bit more and the rest went to a tavern to see what else could be got out of the drunken computer guy. In Bones's case, a massive headache ... that can't be a good sign.

Courtesy of Wednesday 7 August 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“There’s a lot of Google at the table.”

“It’s just a house. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Perhaps you’re tired.”
“I am, but I didn’t mean to LARP it.”

“Blunt force trauma to the head.”
“Is anyone else having ‘Hammer time’ in their head? No? Just me, then.”
“I need to make a SAN check now.”

Mulligan: “Why won’t you answer the phone?!”
Cully (in autopsy): “My hands are full of gore!”
Mulligan: “So are mine!”

“I failed by 42.”
“It’s a good number to fail by.”

“Let’s do it old school: hog-tie the dog. You can do that, Bones, you’re Texan.”

“I don’t like to throw around the word terrorist, but …”
“Yeah, you do. You’re the FBI.”

“We need guns; bigger guns and more guns.”

Mulligan: “I’m having steak and fries. How about you, steak and fries?”
Cully: “Sure.”
McAffe: “Ribs and salad.”
Mulligan: “… There’s always one.”

Mulligan: “What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen so far?”
Bones: “Oh, not this again.”

“You don’t need to play the banjo, we have a working stereo in the car.”

McAffe: “Are you sure Mulligan has all his eggs in one basket?”
Bones: “No.”

Player: “Except for all the locusts.”
GM: “They’re not locusts, they’re crickets.”
Player: “Suuure.”

“Do you have a Paranoia skill?”
“Yes, it’s called my character.”

Cully: “I swab the keyboard and mouse too, just in case. It could have gone in through his fingers.”
GM: “You have succeeded your Paranoia roll.”

“It doesn’t even SOUND like what it’s supposed to do, that’s how sneaky the skill is!”

“I have coffee, I have a gun, I’m fine.”

GM: “Can you make a SAN roll for me, please?”
Player: “I only stepped away from the table for a couple of moments!”

“It’s a great idea that will work very well … until he dies.”

“It’s just a headache. You normally make SAN rolls and get a headache, right?”

“The GM isn’t necessarily out to get you in roleplaying. Well, in Delta Green he is.”

And for an encore, next week we'll part the Red Sea! Or rivers will run red with blood, one or the other. Which is the one with the omens again?