Oh dear, we haven’t even started playing

One player down, we decided a game of the boardgame Pandemic would be a good idea. And it was - we won. By the skin of our teeth, perhaps, but still. After that, seeing as how we had plenty of time left, we started rolling up some characters for the next roleplaying game we're doing: Rifts.

There wasn't a lot written down from this evening, but luckily, a couple of us went roleplaying over the weekend as well.

The Saturday game will be perhaps one session a month, and is the Warhammer 40k based Only War. A group of Imperial Guards have been trapped in a hive for quite some time, until one day, the tech priest finally managed to get the doors open.

No one's outside.

Trying to find some supplies, the party headed out and ... were eventually shot at. And we ended the session on a cliffhanger!

Courtesy of Wednesday 11 September 2013's Pandemic boardgame session at Chimera.

“Wait, are we talking about French people NOT cooperating?!”

“…They form nexus points.”
“Nectar points?”
“Yes. Rifts is sponsored by Sainsbury’s.”

Player 1: “Later on, you could run Changeling. I’ll play a Boggan healer called … Fauna.”
Player 2: “And I can play a tech savvy kid called Jim.”
Changeling GM: “If I run Changeling, I’ll insist on you playing new characters.”

“Who’s got black stuff going on?”
“You can’t go around saying that!”

“Sydney gets one and Chicago gets one.”
“HOW DID YOU KNOW?! I have to make a San roll now!”

“We’re fully pencilled up here.”

“It’s traditional to high-five when you encounter weird shit. It’s a team thing.”

“I’m of the conviction that there are no shit dragons.”
“You didn’t see my roll.”

“Why did you look at ME when you said ‘evil mage’?”

“Oh dear, we haven’t even started playing.”

And because there's not a lot above, here's a bit more, courtesy of Saturday 14 September 2013's Only War roleplaying session:

GM: ”It’s a world where everything’s trying to kill you.”
Player 1: “So … it’s a planet of Australia.”
GM: “The people are sort of rough and ready.”
Player 2: “Australia.”

“Line infantry: stand there and get shot.”

“You have jetpacks. You get thrown out of perfectly good airplanes.”

“You can see the GM’s hope slowly fading.”

“You must have a Fellowship this high to ride the chimera.”

“You actually have a well-rounded party, what’s wrong with you?”

“Can you say any words in Latin?”
“That would be an ecumenical matter.”

“What happens if you already have Good Craftmanship?”
“It gets better. – Wow, that was useful.”

“I don’t need a gas mask.”
“You will if you’re with the Ogryn in the chimera.”

“The survivors can be the perimeter alarm.”

“You want to be Batman, let’s face it. Imperial Guard Batman.”

“She’s still biological, she’s not the Hulk.”

Operator: “I’d rather not die here.”
Tech priest: “Where would you rather die?”
Operator: “I’d rather die under the Commissar.”
Commissar: “Dying could be arranged.”

“It’s a tech guy with WD-40, basically.”
“It’s Holy Unguent, thank you very much.”

Player: “It’s probably in the direct opposite direction.”
GM: “It’s not.”
Player: “What kind of a GM are you?”

“It has spikes, it’s evil. It’s how 40k works.”

GM: “How do you shoot people in this game?”

GM: “Make me a Dodge roll.”
Player: “70. That’s too many.”

“Can I dodge away from the one that causes more damage?”

Next Wednesday session, we're playing Rifts! Once we get all the characters together ...