Harry Dresden and the Coffee of Intimidation

While we stuck around waiting for our contract to finish, Gorbash was visited by the dragon whose territory he was in. They had to strike a deal, or there would have been a big dragon show-down. Probably.

Booker tried to stay low, to avoid being spotted by the Rakshasa, who showed up sniffing around while he was conveniently out shopping. The rest of the party said the other person had gone, so ... he tried his best to live up to that.

Marcus the Mage, Baradhi and Jayson went shopping. As it happened, we found out that someone else had paid Marcus to do the spell. Wouldn't it be convenient to pay someone to do your dirty work if there's a high risk of dying while preparing the spell? Baradhi knew the spell the guy was casting wouldn't work, but that it also wasn't lethal.

Jayson bought a nice, cheap gem for Gorbash, which wasn't half as appreciated as the diamond Booker went and got him. Booker, strangely, decided to share the bonus money ... and not keeping anything for himself. He got gifts for the whole party, so repenting for blowing up the side of a building obviously agreed with him.

Baradhi got an Astral Plane visit from the creatures, whose queen we sort of allowed them to rescue. They were grateful to have their queen back, and said there would be a reward to pick up. Oh, and they would be back in ten days time to collect Marcus. As our contract to protect him would be up before then, we didn't see a problem with this - but were morally obliged to warn him. Not that he heeded our warning, but there you go.

Mission accomplished.

Courtesy of Wednesday 9 October 2013's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“JQuery doesn’t support IE6.”
“NOTHING should support IE6.”

“So that, my friend, is how you twist the head off a dragon.”

“I’m a neophyte. I’m a candle compared to his flame.”

“If a tree falls down and kills someone, did I shoot it down?”

Gorbash: “You humans like that sort of thing. Small talk.”
Baradhi: “Small talk? About what?”
Jayson: “Killing people.”

“A little less conversation, a little more action, please.”
“That’s what got us in this mess in the first place.”

“Druggies aren’t people who deserve homes. That’s how I interpret the dragon’s thought process.”
“Druggies aren’t people too.”

“So it was standing looking out windows that made him evil? I move away from the window.”

“Do we have a plan yet?”
“Sit and wait until the contract expires.”

“Does the scream wake me up?”

“Did you use to be a debt collector? I understand your motivation now.”

GM: “Not at the moment, no.”
Player: “Key words: moment, at the.”

“So, it’s like a Wolverine problem.”

GM: “… Yeah, he doesn’t have the same alignment as you guys.”

“I can’t explain my logic, because if I do, my world will crumble.”

“Jesus, you explode a man’s face and he never forgives you!”

“I open the door with the Coffee of Intimidation in my hand.”

“Really? We have message porn? Message porn on the ley line?”

GM: “He looks at you. We probably need to roll some other dice now.”

NPC: “… Or you’ll be the first one to die.”
Booker: “See? I’m NICE! Compared to this, I’m NICE!”

“Just warming my dice up. Gonna need to make a Lockpicking roll in a minute.”

GM: “There is an item in there. It sort of looks like an alabaster …”
Player: “Dildo?”
GM: “Yes.”

“You now look like Harry Dresden. Congratulations.”

GM: “I’m just gonna roll some dice. Just to make you nervous, of course. Nothing else.”

“Roll high.”
“That’s high in the other direction.”

“They’ll come get him in ten days? We’re only here for seven. So that’s fine!”

“You go downstairs to UK floor 4, where all the magic happens.”

Gorbash: “These creatures are basically vermin.”
GM: “They’re sentient.”
Baradhi: “So’s Marcus.”

“If you hear Barry White, brace yourselves.”

“I’m not sure, but you may be in trouble.”

“So, are we dead yet?”

Dragon NPC: “I am the danger that flaps in the night.”

“A couple of shots like that would put holes in people.”

And for an encore, we're levelling up our characters and then playing a boardgame next session!