How to make friends and alienate creatures

Our shoot-out with the weird creatures continued. In the Mage's basement, where tentacles of DARKNESS tried getting at us, but some dragonbreath and plasma missiles later, the creatures were gone ... along with part of the wall.

Booker tried to convince us he was Jayne with naming his weapons. He also decided to shoot part of a building off and crush one of the Rakshashas - which was probably not the best idea ever. Not when their supposed leader came by to frown on us for being in the general vicinity and probably had something to do with it.

We were also considering our part of the deal being fulfilled, considering we were hired to keep the bugs out of the building, and seeing as how they got in and got their queen out, we're thinking the Mage is probably going to be left alone from now on ... But apparently, that's not good enough. What do you have to do to get paid in this system, eh?

Courtesy of Wednesday 2 October 2013's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“The victory song of the sperm whale.”
“What, ‘squirt’?”

“You lost me at EastEnders.”
“The opposite of ‘you had me at hello’.”

“I really don’t want to be messing with it, but I suppose I’ll have to.”

“Suppressive fire?”
“More like ‘come to the door so we can shoot you easier’.”

“Can I have a small handful of d6, please?”

“Can your character take MDC damage?”
“He’s a dragon.”

“98. Not where I wanted to be.”
“You didn’t top a hundred. I’m disappointed.”

“So the fly paper spell has been activated.”

“It’s sad when you don’t get to roll 18d6 isn’t it?”

“It’s not a waste. Huge explosions are never a waste.”

Gorbash: “There’s no point in me going in and getting stuck.”
Player: “It would be cool to have a dragon stuck on fly paper.”

Player 1: “The Rakis might take care of it for me.”
Player 2: “The Iraqis?!”

“How to make friends and alienate creatures.”

“Aww, these humans are dead squishy.”

Booker: “So he’s dead?”
GM: “Yes, he’s very dead.”
Booker: “Has he got any loot? He’s dead, he’s not gonna miss it.”

“I shot the building in self-defence. The building looked at me the wrong way.”

Booker: “It’s my backup weapon.”
Jayson: “Why does it say ‘Bob’ on it?”
Booker: “I name all my weapons. These are Hansel and Gretel, Lucy and Suzy, Bertha and Bob.”
Jayson: “I’m glad I have a life.”

“Whatever they were after, they’ve taken it and gone, so we’ve fulfilled our part of the contract. Said the programmer.”

Gorbash: “We can have a conversation or I can shout into your mind, if you prefer.”

Baradhi: “Lucas?”
Jayson: “Yes? I responded to that, even though my name is Jayson.”
Baradhi: “So who’s Lucas?”
Jayson: “I changed my name.”
Baradhi: “You didn’t tell me you’d been to deed poll!”

“I’m not a fork lift, if you know what I mean.”

“Did you roll a 1?”
“A little bit.”

GM: “In the morning, you will suffer from this for a little bit.”
Player: “Thrush?”

“You’re on the fourth floor?”
“The UK fourth floor.”

GM says we might be done next session. We'll believe that when we see it.