Dragonslayers are GO!

As far as cunning plans go, ours was very cunning indeed. First, Gorbash antagonised Milan by dipping a toe in the guy's territory. Milan, so big and strong, apparently needs six Rakshasa to combat Gorbash, which says a lot about both of them. Gorbash tried reasoning with him, but Milan wasn't interested.

With Milan out of the way, Baradhi and Sir Jayson went to find the gate box. Baradhi astral walked into the building, down some stairs and found the box in the basement. Unfortunately, there was someone there who could see him, so he had to make a quick exit.

After reporting back to HQ, we decided that the best option to retrieve the box - or destroy it - was to not have Milan there, because he's a fricken DRAGON. So we went somewhere near a ley line in his territory, tooled up and waited.

He shot first.

Or, okay, breathed fire first, barbecuing some poor bystanders in the process. Baradhi cast Carpet of Adhesion to make sure he couldn't move, and then we shot him with everything we had. First, Gorbash was blinded and accidentally blew up a building (with innocent people inside) thinking he was aiming for Milan. Sir Jayson, who was blinded next, still had a good aim, though, and his robot horse came into its own as well.

Now Milan is dead, so we can all call ourselves Dragonslayers. W00t! Gorbash took the body to the head of Stormspire (who wanted four pints of dragon blood), said "here you go" and as a reward, the guy is going to go after - and destroy, we hope - that box we were after. So, uh, we appear to have finished the adventure already.

Courtesy of Wednesday 12 February 2014's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“You can’t just go around ‘borrowing’ things.”
“Yes I can, I’m from Nottingham. It comes naturally to me.”

Player 1: “I met my wife on an online roleplaying game.”
Player 2: “Which one?”
Player 3: “He only has one wife!”

“This plan is more cunning than two ferrets stuck to a weasel.”

Gorbash: “He might be stronger than I am, but I’m the better breed.”
GM: “No. You’re the BEST breed.”

GM: “I’ll have to use your maps again.”
Player: “60 credits, please.”

Player: “He’s not going to see a couple of random humans in a city, is he?”
GM: “Ask the dragon.”
Gorbash: “You all look the same most of the time.”

GM: “I’m drawing maps with logarithmic scales.”

“I’m hoping the Rakshasa is at home watching telly, or whatever it is that Rakshasas do.”

GM: “The book didn’t mention it, but otherwise you can’t play the game.”

“Baradhi’s got explosives enough to blow up a building. He doesn’t know how to USE them, but he’s GOT them.”

“We could blow up the building and then dig out the box.”
“And get all the other Rakshasas to come running?”
“What if we get all the Rakshasa inside the building by saying there’s a party with free beer? They like beer, right?”

“Oops, that was maximum range instead of the 24m I needed. I hope no one was over there.”

“If it’s work, tell them you can’t come right now, there’s a dragon battle going on.” (to GM who had to take a call)

Player: “Is this the five mile radius?”
GM: “I don’t know, it’s your map.”

GM: “Gorbash’s description isn’t particularly useful: ‘they’re human’.”

“Anyone who doesn’t want to be burned alive, please leave the streets!”

“Look at him! He’s so eager to kill a dragon.”

“Leave now and I will spare you!” (to Milan, stuck to the ground by Carpet of Adhesion)

“He’s just vaporised a small child.”

Gorbash: “You may have blinded me, but I can still find you!”
GM: “He says, killing innocent bystanders.”

Jayson: “Ten.”
GM: “You go blind.”
Jayson: “Fuck.”

Baradhi: “It’s a good thing you didn’t get that rocket launcher.”
GM: “Says the one who did.”

Gorbash: “I was you in spirit.”
Booker: “Difference is, I don’t miss.”

GM: “All wizards are evil in this game.”
Baradhi: “Heeeeeey!”

So what do we do now (aside from levelling up to 4)? We're going to attempt some 5th edition Shadowrun. We've done 4th ed Shadowrun before here on the blog - where we blew up a pizza restaurant in New York to cover up a murder scene. It was complicated.