We're back in Derby, picking up shortly after the end of the previous adventure. Eddie, or rather "Eddie", had ordered some goons to off the local police chief last time we played, so the real Eddie made sure to let his goons know to not just follow orders unless they're accompanied by a password, so to speak.

The group found a new (and slightly retconned) ally in the hospital porter Thomas "Tommy" Crane, who had some info about the semi-zombified people that were hospitalised. And later on, he was attacked by an invisible, brain-sucking ... thing with tentacles. It was unpleasant. But at least being attacked by otherworldly creatures means he's now one of the team.

And apparently, there's this guy with blue eyes who goes around warning people about "hollow knights" and burning buildings. What's that about?

Courtesy of Wednesday 2 April 2014's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

“This is one of my first set of dice. It’s probably older than most people in this room.”

“I see some problems in the future between the Street Samurai and the unrelenting mass-murderer he’s associated himself with.”

Swede 1: “Here, you can have the last one.” (hands over a bag of salty liquorice)
Swede 2: “Aww, you’re very kind.”
Brit: “You’re warped, you are.”

“‘Murderer of innocents’? I prefer the term ‘cleaner’.”

“I don’t speak Arabic. I’ll start learning Arabic.”

Player: “In that case, I punch him back.”
GM: “This is really not how I imagined the first session to go. This is great!”

“You shot him 18 times!”
“But I’m a LORD. Go away!”
“Oh right, sorry.”

“‘Crane’ doesn’t sound very Russian, but you never know.”

Eddie: “Can of Stella, Thomas? – I help myself to Trevor’s fridge.”

Tommy (to Trevor): “You seemed like a bad guy. Your house is really nice, by the way.”

“Susan what?”
“Susan Surname.”

“We only drink British beer. Like Stella Artois.”

“It’s a tattoo saying ‘L.U.V.’. I had too many knuckles than there were letters!”

“See this tattoo? It’s two cougars doing it.”

“It’s like being in Nottingham; it’s dodgy.”

Eddie: “I’ve been with Trevor now …”
Tommy: “‘Been with’?”
Player: “It’s all making sense now!”

“Whatever you tell me, I won’t think you’re crazy. Trevor is crazy.”

“Are you taking drugs?”
“That’s beside the point.”

GM: “You don’t sell semi-automatics in Derby. No one would buy those. Not that I’ve tried it.”
Player: “Buying or selling?”
GM: “Moving on!”

Eddie: “Can you repeat what you said about Trevor?”
Tommy: “That he’s a crazy motherfucker?”

Trevor: “You have no taste!”
Eddie: “I have perfect taste.”
Trevor: “Yeah. Of shit!”

Eddie: “You could always say you have to appear in front of a judge.”
Tommy: “You worry me, you really do.”

“Who is accusing ME of things when HE’S the one who has a man in his room?”

“I rolled the right number of dice. By mistake.”

GM: “Do you go all out?”
Player: “Is there another way to go?”

“Stop being a child.”

“Tommy, come here.”
“No! Fuck you!”

Bartender: “May I recommend you seek help, sir?”
Tommy: “May I recommend you shut the fuck up?”

Trevor: “Everyone has the same sort of chair except me, which has a higher back and looks more like a throne.”
GM: “Alright, Joffrey, leave it alone.”

Zolistagol: “I wouldn’t go back to your house tonight if I was you.”
Tommy: “REALLY?”

Eddie: “I actually ATE the green stuff?” (salad in a kebab)

To be continued!