You know those innocent bystanders ...

We decided to start early and finish off the scene from last week so that we'd be ready to rejoin Drake when his player arrived, but as it happens, he never did. :(

Still in Rakshasa territory, we spoke to a guy called Richard (I consider the naming of that NPC to be a tribute to Rik Mayall, even though I don't think that was the case) who was happy to divulge pretty much everything he knew even before Baradhi did a little mind control on him. Richard later got his head ripped off by Sister Anna, the Rakshasa lady of which we're now sworn enemies.

Thinking it was terribly uncouth to rip a perfectly decent guy's head off, we went to town on a bunch of Rakshasa, and the rest of the session seemed to go by in a flash - and we're only like half-way through combat!

Also: We have seen Booker's secret hideout. It's kind of creepy. And the Rakshasa are now terrified of Booker. As well they should be!

Courtesy of Wednesday 11 June 2014's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“There are no adventures, there are only plans and dead plans.”

“But that would just break the fourth wall and not in a cool Deadpool kinda way.”

GM: “You’re quite MA high, aren’t you?”
Player: “Isn’t that a film?”

Richard: “… They had a Cyber-knight called Jayson with them.”
Jayson (undercover): “I have no idea who that ruggedly handsome Cyber-knight is.”

“Are you saying power corrupts?”

GM: “Dominate can’t make someone kill themselves, or murder someone.”
Player: “Unlike your character in Shadowrun.” (to Gorbash’s player)

“Or tell him to go play with traffic. See? Slippery slope.”

“So you’re saying the babe is actually a dude?”

GM: “Did I reveal something now that I shouldn’t have done?”

Player: “Let’s take our friend Richard and go.”
GM: “You mean Richard, your friend who’s under the strongest mind control spell in the book?”

“Splugorth don’t know about quotation marks.”

“We’ll stand a bit away from him, trying not to giggle like schoolgirls.”

“Is the colour draining from his face yet?”

Richard: “It’s a trap, it’s a trap!”
Player: “No, you’ve got to do the voice and the accent!”

Player: “I think I know why they’ve gone south. There’s a ley line there.”
GM: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Booker: “So, are you interested in becoming a contractor?”
Jayson: “I don’t think that’s compatible with the Cyber-knight Code.”
Booker: “Good girl.”
Jayson: “HEY! Just because I have long hair doesn’t mean I’m a girl!”
Booker: “Sorry, it’s just that we call you guys pussy girls.”
Jayson: “YOU WHAT NOW?!”

“I’m fanning myself with Gorbash.”

“I wonder if that’ll work on farts.”

“We need better bombs.”

Booker: “Did you want to leave a present before we fly away?”
Baradhi: “No, it costs money.”
Booker: “Put it on expenses! You’re fine.”

Baradhi: “I DO have a Demolitions skill.”
Player: “It just wouldn’t be you if you didn’t.”

“Have you killed innocent bystanders yet?”
“Eggs, omelettes … you know.”

GM: “They can’t dodge because someone nailed them to the floor.”

“I’m not used to not doubling my damage.”

GM: “These guys are coming in on the second action.”
Player: “You may refer to us as ‘the Cavalry’.”

Booker: “Did you make it more badly hurt than I made him badly hurt? Because I’m the professional killer here.”

NPC: “I’ve seen the dragon Milan before and I’ve been alright.”
Player: “He’s saying that as badly hurt and his friend’s face has melted off?”

“Maybe you could mount it on a dragon?”
“You’re mounting a dragon? Giggity.”

“You know those innocent bystanders …”

GM: “He wasn’t afraid of the dragon, but he’s afraid of Booker.”

“I can’t do much, I just have a grenade launcher.”

“Stand well back, this is a science experiment.”

GM: “You know all the main actors in Stormspire now.”
Player: “You mean the ones we haven’t killed.”

The Ref says we can level up next session. Yay level five!