Does a person count as a flammable object?

Because we were - and this is going to sound a bit weird - one player up and one player down, and the new 5th Ed Player's Handbook was out, we got to re-spec our characters any way we liked.

So that's what we did, and as that didn't take all night but we didn't think to bring a game with us or something, we decided to have an early one for a change and then resume the adventure next session.

On the plus side, our new player is now in play. :D

Courtesy of Wednesday 13 August 2014's 5th Edition Dugeons & Dragons roleplaying session at Chimera.

Dungeons & Dragons

“Planning a roleplaying game is pretty much like planning a war – it never survives contact with the enemy.”

“If I could hit this hard enough, the problem would go away.”

“You can have a combat Bard and not just a prancing git.”

“If it’s in my loft, it’s definitely too old.”

“The new Player’s Handbook’s too good. I have to get indignant about SOMETHING.”

“Is he going to be called Ken, because he’s a BARBIE?”

“It’s not bland enough, it’s not acceptable to an English pallet.”

“Power-gaming mode? Turn it off.”

“What do I do? It’s buckets full of holes!”

GM: “The dragons are coming.”
Dragonborn: “Hi there.”

“The Wizard’s AC is 16.”
“What the cock?!”

“You’re gonna be difficult to hit, but when you do, it’s like hitting a jam jar.”

“Didn’t think I was going to say ‘dragon genital warts’ when I woke up this morning, but there you go. The joys of being a roleplayer.”

GM: “Who in the party has a Persuasion skill?”
Player: “I have Persuasion the Jane Austen book.”

“I let other people find other people.”

“Hematite Frostbeard? I think you can get a cream for that.”

(Trying to come up with a dragon-related name)
“No, something much fancier than that.”
“Duck egg?”
“You’re really bigging up my character here.”

“They’re all white. That technically makes it fine, right?”

“Does a person count as a flammable object?”

“You’ve specialised in being ugly and arrogant. And so has your character!”

“It’s not true! Or maybe it’s definitely true.”

“I have a stereotype to live up to!”

“At 14th level, I can sprout wings! How cute is that?!”

“What constitutes a creepy female?”

Can't wait to get crackin' with the rest of the adventure!