How much XP do we get for rolling 0 on initiative?

Having solved the Redbrand problem for Phandalin, we decided it was time to get back to looking for the Rockseeker brothers. Without having really investigated what it was, we went down the Miner's Trail to look for more information.

We found some, and went to follow up on them going down another trail. And then we were attacked a couple of times in the middle of the night, because XP. The first time went pretty well for the party, and the second time ... Hematite the cleric would've died if it hadn't been for the quick-thinking of Malinda, who emptied a healing potion down her neck. "It wasnae the best night ever."

Courtesy of Wednesday 1 October 2014's 5th Edition Dugeons & Dragons roleplaying session at Chimera.

Dungeons & Dragons

“You two are like the doting grandparents of the group. Grandma brings cake and granddad occasionally shares stories about the war.”

“How do you think the professionals solve computer problems? They don’t have Google implanted in their brains.”

“It’s the best armour in the game, +6 dental floss.” (female armour)

“My drawing skills are appalling.”
“Appropriate for a web developer.”

“Your ability for drawing maps is very good … for a roleplayer.”

“Why did you go for strawberry Ribena? It tastes like devil’s piss.”

“Hello, I’m mentally sane. I’ll only boil puppies occasionally.”

“I’m just glad insanity isn’t contagious.”

“I’m not sure we’ve reached scrota, but we’ve definitely reached SOMETHING.”

“We were in a bit of a mood, so we said ‘let’s go to their pub and kill everyone’.”

“We’re Sam Vimes level of Lawful Good.”

“We’re not monsters.”

“Magic sword not split. Magic sword split you.”

“Go away, you’re in the wrong scene!”

“The only thing you could loot from him is maybe the pox.”

“You’re just piling on the guilt, aren’t you?”
“Are you Catholic?”

Rhogar: “I sometimes think if I talk in a primitive way, you’ll enjoy me more.”

Rhogar: “Are you taking the piss out of my accent?”
Tan: “Yes.”

“We have five different quests to do.”
“One each?”

“I did? How did you remember that?”
“Because I listened.”

“You can buy many books with that.”
“Yes … BOOKS …”

“Are these people actual miners? Because if they are, we can threaten them with Margaret Thatcher.”

“The Orc word for intruders is the same word as for salted meat.”

“You’re rolling as good as I am. I like sympathy rolls, but you really don’t have to.”

“I had other things higher on my priority list than your tackle!”

“How many dice are in that bag?!”
“About one kilo.”
“Why do you need this many dice? We’re not playing Shadowrun!”

“I got a zero.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone getting zero on initiative before.”

“How much XP do we get???”
“Look at his little face!”

“Crunch and the Ogre’s gone!”

GM: “Can everyone roll Perception?”
Malinda: “Do I have to?”

“80 XP? I don’t get out of bed for less than a hundred.”

“It was like being in a raid where the tank’s paralysed and the cleric’s gone down.”

A d20: “You’ve been rolling me 20 fookin’ years and you never take me anywhere nice anymore.”

It's gripped - sorted - let's half survive!