Obituary: Rhogar Shieldbiter

Rhogar Shieldbiter
Scourge of Inanimate Objects
† Neverwinter Wood

We bid farewell to one of the bravest fighters I have ever had the pleasure to know. Rhogar Shieldbiter was a fierce combatant, but even the mightiest of warriors must eventually meet their end. Brave Rhogar died protecting us, his friends and allies, from a pack of wolves. Wolves were sadly his totem animal, but perhaps it was fitting.

That we remain alive to write these words to his memory and mourn to his untimely passing is a testament to his skill and determination. We only regret that he won't be there to see our mission through.

-- Hematite Frostbeard, Cleric of SomeGodOrOther

Best Of

“Don’t worry, I find traps with my face.”

“You don’t spoil drink by hitting it with axe!”

“My name is Rhogar Donkeylicker. People laugh when I tell name. Have you given me rude name?”

“You steal Rhogar’s line. Rhogar’s agent will be in contact with you.”

“Look, I know [the Russian accent] is comical and not that good, but you know, sometimes you hurt my feelings. I may have tough external leathery hide, but inside is warm, mushy hug.”

“Magic sword not split. Magic sword split you.”

“If I liked him more, I might apologise.”

“I’m now Rhogar Doorbreaker Shieldbiter, Scourge of Inanimate Objects!”

“Where I come from, we call that aggressive negotiation.”

“King Rhogar say we go on raid! We go to Neverwinter and pillage!”