Are we dead yet?

Last week ended on a cliffhanger - a plague bear was coming right for us, along with some well-dressed dude. This session started with the well-dressed dude getting into our van while the rest of us took the bear down.

The dude didn't get to steal the van, which is what it seemed like he'd be doing. Instead, he told us he was trying to find some kind of lab that used to be in the area. That sounded like a good idea to us, seeing as how we might find a cure for whatever disease we'd manage to acquire last session.

We drove through the woods, following the tracks of the abandoned vehicle, and found a large log cabin. The people inside were doctors and quite friendly. They even offered us (Maggie, Vincent and the NPC) to freshen up. Meanwhile, outside, Jack patched up the two holes in his windshield and Duke stayed put in his mech suit. A black rainstorm hit, which was only a problem for Jack - luckily, he managed to avoid it.

Thanks to Duke deciding to switch his heart monitor on, and realising the only heartbeats were those of us, shit kicked off. Apparently the friendly people were in fact undead and everything around us was just an illusion ... The showers were basically just mud. So now, not only are we infected with icky plague, we're also covered in mud. Great.

Courtesy of Tuesday 21 April 2015's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Chimera.

“I want to go and see that in the film, not go ‘I remember this from the internet’!” (film trailers showing too much)

“You may not have diabetes, but I think I might by the end of the night.”

“Does everyone want to be a cleric?”
“Am I not good enough for you?”

“It would be funny, having an entire party of god-botherers.”

“I think I’ll brain-blast him.”
“The guy or the bear?”
“It would be a bit unfair to do it on the bear.”

“I forgot I had +2.”
“Why have you got +2?”

Player: “How do we get a battleship?”
GM: “With great difficulty.”

“You can never have too many spaceships.”

“For an apocalypse, we’ve met some pretty well-dressed people.”

“I’ll be here all night.”
“Do you have to be?”

“You’re the best dressed Mormon I’ve seen in a long time.”
“Hello, my name is Elder Metal Suit!”

“Who’s out there?”
“Avon calling!”

“I don’t understand. This is a roleplaying game and the NPC isn’t letting us into his house.”

“I don’t know! It’s my first time in black rain and it’s not the Kurt Russell film!”

Player: “I begin with the door. Does it look safe?”
GM: “Roll Survival.”

“They’re doctors. What of?”

“20 … 30 … 9 … 39.”
“Is that a success?”

Player (on coming back from the toilet): “Are we dead yet?”

“I’m trying to find my mind-reading skills, but there aren’t any. Stupid game.”

“I made a cliffhanger!”

Next week, we'll either die or become undead. Cheerful prospects.