Relic is like Talisman, but enjoyable

At very nearly the last minute we realised that the GM had the week off, and so there would be no Rogue Trader that session. Keeping up the 40k theme, we opted to play the 40k boardgame Relic instead, and for once I actually brought the quote pad with me and kept notes.

Courtesy of Tuesday 11 August 2015's Relic boardgaming session at Chimera.

“I’ll be a regular space Nazi, please.”

“There is no such thing as R&R in 40k.”
“Yes there is. You just don’t show up.”
“No. There is only war.”

Relic is like Talisman, but enjoyable.”

“Sister, are you corrupt?”
“Absolutely not, sir.”
“Carmilla’s back!”

“I’m not saying I’m evil, BUT …”
“You’re not saying you’re evil, you just are.”

“Now I feel like a dick.”
“That’s ‘cause you are!”

“Don’t blame me for being brilliant.”

“Two blue? I hope you die horribly. Nothing personal.”

“So the things I need now are the thing that kills me and the thing that gives me corruption cards and kills me.”

“Between the two of them, they’re practically Chaos cultists.”

“Which side of the road are you supposed to drive on? I’ll pick both, just to make sure.”

“You drive on the church side of the road.”
“The church has a drive-thru? … IT DOES NOW!”

“Cunning 4 … I don’t think I could kick the shit out of it.”
“You could poke it slightly?”

“This is my executor pistol!”
“Ooh, that tickles!”

“I need to kill an Eldar.”
“You don’t NEED to, you just WANT to.”

Should be back playing Rogue Trader next week!