The Rebels made their presence known today

Sarge's majestic shot from the previous session seems to have turned into him shooting down the Death Star single-handedly ... Well, when you're epic, you're epic, right?

To throw a spanner in the works, a bounty hunter showed up in town asking for Nole's whereabouts. Much to everyone's surprise, Kon didn't cash in on the bounty. The bounty hunter did track her back to where the rest of the party were hidiny., on the other hand.

Trying to be nice and give the lady some flowers as a token of his appreciation, Nole ventured outside the walls ... and was shot at. Kon, running to the ship in order to dismember dismantle the threat also got shot.

On the plus side, neither were killed, and for those to whom it matters, the gun that shot them was pretty damn awesome. Just the kind of gun the party could use for assassinating the governor, as a matter of fact. Unfortunately, the bounty hunter got away ... with his awesome gun.

Wounds patched up by Doc, it was finally time to launch the plan. Complexes were infiltrated, droids were placed in places to suggest they had broken down and triggered alarms. NG went scouting and became mistaken for one of the security droids and had to do the rounds.

Shots were fired, but the governor had a pet Force user to save him. Running and more shooting ensued, but at least the Rebel message was broadcast as planned. As everyone made it to the ship, the building exploded and Sarge was lost in the ensuing rubble. OR WAS HE?

Courtesy of Monday 8 February 2016's Fantasy Flight Star Wars roleplaying session at Chimera.

Star Wars Roleplaying Game

GM: “Kon went out with a local crime lord.”
Konvoru: “You mean a very esteemed gentleman. That’s what I know him as.”

“What’s the … ‘cause I’m a knob.”

Player: “Are there flower displays?”
Konvoru: “ARE there flower displays?!”

“Did you know Sarge took out the Death Star with a hand rifle from the moon of Endor? Right in the exhaust port!”

“But what if the next planet we go to is like Australia? They could confiscate our goods for trying to bring in flora!”

Bounty hunter: “There’s a 25 000 credit bounty on Nole Gerran.”
Nole: “Oooh, I’m worth quite a lot!”

Player: “Correct me if I’m wrong.”
GM: “You’re wrong.”

Rhan: “I’ll be in my bunk.”
Nole: “I’ll be in YOUR bunk, more like.”
Konvoru: “You can both be in my bunk and I’ll be in yours!”

“These are difficult problems for men with guns, not women with flowers.”

“Playing too much XCOM. That’s where this idea comes from.”

“I can’t remember if I like almond or not.” (tries pastry) “I DO like almond!”

GM: “The Disruptor rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.”
Nole: “Ooh, can I have one?”

“What you need here is a whole book to be the index.”

GM: “Because you’re spending so much time on him, I’m now making him a long-term villain.”

Nole: “So you want to get me a big fucking gun?”
Rhan: “Yes.”
Nole: “I love you.”
Konvoru: “My bunk is still over there if you guys want to use it.”

“I don’t WANT to kill them, I just want them to die.”

GM: “Come on, roll it.”
Player: “I don’t want to.”

“I think a Stormtrooper hitting a dark Jedi is a sackable offense.”

Doc: “Go and find Rhan!”
NG: “Do I bring a shovel?”

“I’m not the mad man – he fell down the building!”

Player 1: “How many Stormtroopers are there?”
GM: “About a hundred.”
Player 2: “That’s okay, they can’t hit anything.”

“So the Rebels made their presence known today.”

Player: “Is there some kind of Common Sense skill?”
GM: “No, you’re player characters.”

“Hopefully NG is bringing Sarge back.”
“For NG is Jesus.”

This was the first part of the adventure done, XP for everyone! Now to find out why Sarge woke up on a planet far, far away with some Obi-Wan type dude ...