The OTHER Black Forest

Further adventures in 1960s Soviet Russia. This time it included a trip to the Black Forest. When pointing out that the Black Forest is in what was then WEST Germany, it was decided that there was obviously also ANOTHER Black Forest ... somewhere in the Soviet Union.

This should eventually have landed us back in Victorian England (and our third set of characters), but the quotes don't reflect that for some reason. o.O

Courtesy of Sunday 24 July 2016's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Odin's Table.

Player 1: “I’ll tell you where I was at 6 o’clock: changing a nappy.”
Player 2: “That’s your fault for choosing to procreate.”
Player 3: “‘Choosing’.”

“She’s in charge.”
“When did she make you think that?”

“I’m GMing form the floor, guys.”

Player 1: “Exactly what part of Russia are you from?”
Player 2: “Earth?”
GM: “He’s from the Other Black Forest.”

“Sub-vocalise! It’s a thing you can do in books.”
“It’s a thing most people can do in real life as well, just not with your … voice of doom.”

GM: “His fist comes on fire.”
Player: “Ohh that’s not good!”

“I’m not breaking the quote just because you happen to be nearby.”

GM: “His bowie knife embeds in the tree stylishly.”

“I move gingerly … as gingerly as a 30ft woman can.”

“You don’t mind if I use a tree to kill a robot, do you?”

GM: “There’s something familiar about him.”
Player: “He’s your brother!”
GM: “I’m not THAT unsubtle.”
Player: “He’s your long lost second cousin!”

“You’re stealing children again?”
“It’s pretty fucking normal.”

“I’m sorry.”
“No, you’re not.”
“A little bit.”
“No, you’re not.”

“Am I alright having a pink wafer?”
“You’ve just moved part of the scenery, man!”

“I can’t teleport adults, I can only teleport children.”
“You probably meant that less creepy than it sounded.”

“It’s wine for plebs who can’t tell battery acid from plonk.”

“In Soviet Russia, Kraken drowns YOU. Wait …”

“The English reaction to the Kraken: stiff upper lips, chaps! The French: sacre bleu! The Russian: meh. Have you seen Siberian polar bear?”

GM: “Anyway, fourth wall, stop talking.”

“Why is he so shifty?”
“Because he’s a shifty character and he’s played by K.”

“I probably wouldn’t say socialising – more like bugging the others.”

To be continued!