Can we just call this 'The Monumental Fuck-up'?

So, umm, bad things happened.

Well, there was thing thing called the Prometheus Project, which can allegedly extend Juicers' limited lifespans. This was appealing to Donna, for obvious reasons.

Then ... well it came to the point where she was fined for not being able to show her papers, she went to pay it, was asked for her papers again (we were still waiting for the new forgeries), and shit kicked off. She destroyed a toilet which caused the building to go into lockdown. Gorbash set off a fusion block outside, blowing a crater in the street and taking not just a couple of Coalition State soldiers with it, but a number of civilians. Seeing as how he sort of can't differentiate between civilians and soldiers because they're all Coalition Staters (basically "all Germans were Nazis") ... the characters with a bit more fixed moral compass (read: Elyssia and Jayson) are ... not very pleased.

Oh, and Gorbash doesn't like haute cuisine. It's too bland for him. It's like what an iced bun is to Swedes ...

Courtesy of Monday 3 October 2016's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“Aww, it’s sad when someone not a relative is a racist on Facebook.”
“But at least you’re not related to them.”
“Yeah, but I select my friends. My relatives I’m stuck with.”

GM: “I’m not saying you’re sheep ... I might be IMPLYING it.”

“I’m righteously offended that my cousin’s just had vegan pulled pork.”
“Well, if it’s made of vegans ...”

“Don’t take too long to decide. I’m literally about to eat steel bolts.”
“I can make it so that you don’t have to eat.”
“Yeah, but that’s dull.”

“He’s Thor without a beard.”
“Thor without a beard isn’t really Thor, though.”

“How to have rough sex with a demigod: become a Juicer.”

“We used to eat straight ammonium chloride in chemistry class.”
“That doesn’t make it good or right! It’s Breaking Bad: Sweden!”

“Food can’t be too spicy. It might rile the population.”
“If it wasn’t a thing before, it’s a thing now.”

Player: “Are we having a World War 2-off?”
Brit: “If we did, you’d just capitulate.”
Swede: “No, we’d never get involved in the first place.”

Donna: “So I’ll just stand there and look Juicery.”
Elyssia: “I thought you were going to say ‘stand there and look pretty’.”
Jayson: “No, that’s your job. And mine.”
Elyssia: “Stop flirting with me, Jayson.”

“You’ve been around Booker far, far too much if you think you can make it look like an accident after the fact.”

“Poorly thought out plan is going as well as expected.”

“Just because I’m feeling inquisitive, and not at all because I’m thinking of shooting everyone, who exactly are in here?”

“There are no windows.”
“I’ll make one.”

Player: “So ... we’re gonna need a new party member.”
GM: “I’ve not killed him yet!”

“I’m a fucking dragon! Why would you want to go for MY plan? I know nothing of human interaction!”

GM: “The soldiers outside are gone, by the way.”
Player: “Of course they’re gone – he blew them up!”

GM: “I’m gonna let you have that for the moment, because I can’t be bothered to roll up a new character for you.”

“Great. Awesome. Amazeballs. As if this wasn’t fucked enough as it was.”

Player: “We’ll come back to that in a minute.”
GM: “Sure you will.”

Elyssia: “We are beyond FUBAR!”
Donna: “How can we be beyond something that’s beyond all recognition?”
Elyssia: “Don’t question my angry ranting!”

To be ... continued?