I don't get out of bed for less than 40 MDC

The Shemarrians would like to take the gate off our (squishy human) hands so that they can keep us safe from it. We thought it sounded legit. Some other people would also like to get their hands on said gate, and we're less cool with that.

Also, it turned out that Josh the Cyber-knight who wanted to go to Tolkeen to fight, despite this not being sanctioned by head office, had switched sides and is now some kind of mystic knight thingamajig. Or rather WAS some kind of mystic knight thingamajig. There may have been an altercation with us and some necromancers and stuff ...

Courtesy of Monday 5 September 2016's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“I’m not the racist here! I’m a nice guy!”
“Yeah, but there are others.”

GM: “They’re like the antithesis of Cyber-knights.”
Player: “Like the Sith!”
GM: “But less friendly.”
Player: “The Sith aren’t really known to be friendly.”
GM: “You haven’t met these guys yet.”

“They must be here because I punched one.”

Booker: “I’m the Chosen One, it’s what I do! I embrace it now!”

Player: “Alistair won’t answer the door, but his manservant will!”
GM: “Manservant? Slave, you mean.”

“Open the ...”
“Indian burial ground?”

“I hear the finest of rune magic went into making that gate.”
“Aye, laddie!”

Player: “Being outnumbered eight to one ...”
GM: “Twelve to one.”
Player: “Oh.”

“Eleven mega-damage.”
“Eleven isn’t what I’d call mega-damage.”

“I kind of need a bit more detail, if you don’t mind.”
“I do mind, actually.”

“He probably put it down.”
“Like you normally do with an injured mechanical horse ...”

“How do you want to approach the blast area?”
“With a Geiger counter?”

“They’re mystic.”
“Very mystic.”
“Gotta catch them all.”

GM: “I will keep my same initiatives. I can’t be bothered to re-roll.”

GM: “They shoot (‘bow-umm’ noise) at you.”
Player: “They shoot dubstep at me?!”

GM: “You’ll have to roll REALLY well, though.”
Player 1: “009.”
Player 2: “Thank you, skill bunny.”

GM: “Fusion blocks are not designed for battle. I keep telling you guys this and you never listen. You just keep rolling critical successes when using them. It won’t last forever!”

“If you murder someone, do they then become inanimate and return with your spear?”

“34 MDC? I don’t get out of bed for less than 40.”

Player 1: (says a lot of things about being butthurt, offended and triggered)
Player 2 (gasps): “You sound like the internet!”

To be continued!