Sixth Sense has been going off since I met you guys

We got reinforcements - by two players instead of just the one that had been missing the previous few weeks. Alistair is ... well, still trying to look for clues about his brother, probably, so instead we are now in the company of a werebear called Jeremiah, or Jerry for short, and a human Juicer called Donna. So now we have two females in the party, played by men, and of course Jayson is being played by a female. (This information will come in handy to understand a particular quote in a bit.)

Despite it being a suicide mission, because we'll all be hunted down as aberrations (or something like that), we decided to go toward Tolkeen. Or at least go into Coalition territory.

Best laid plans and all that ...

Border crossing, we were going to go past pretty much unnoticed, when we see a family of four being hunted down. Because we're the good guys, we of course got involved, because trying to murder children isn't something we approve of. Shooting ensued, but we did survive it to fight another session. :)

Courtesy of Monday 19 September 2016's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

GM: “You killed Gabriel the Necromancer.”
Player: “Killed, atomised ... same thing, really.”

“Booker will probably have had the discussion about how easily he can kill you.”
“Given how the player has already had that conversation with me at the table ...”

Elyssia: “Booker’s definitely schtupping the head Cyber-knight. So, Jayson, how do you feel about Booker possibly becoming your step-boss?”
Jayson (horrified): “OH GOD!!”

“Let me just check my age.” (pause) “... Carry the one ...”

Player 1: “There might be another female – we don’t know what [Player 2] is playing yet.”
Player 2: “Male!”
Elyssia’s (male) player: “He doesn’t have the roleplaying capacity to play a woman ...”

“If the werebear’s inspecting the bike for damage, does that make it a care bear stare?”

Elyssia: “You appear to be referring to her as ‘him’.”
Jayson: “I get that all the time.”

Gorbash: “You’re properly human, aren’t you?”
Donna: “Yeah, I don’t have an elf hidden inside me or anything.”

Booker: “I’m trying to turn a new leaf.”
Donna: “A normal one and a crazy one! Old Booker leaf, new crazy leaf.”

Donna (to Booker): “You’re about as smooth as sandpaper. Sandpaper with rocks on it.”

GM: “As you guys are bickering a bit ... sorry, I mean, having a serious and meaningful discussion ...”

Elyssia: “We don’t really know what offends Booker. Sometimes you insult him and he laughs. Sometimes you offer him cake and he acts like you’ve insulted his mother.”
Gorbash: “And sometimes you offer to remove a symbiote and he acts like you’ve stabbed him in the back.”

“We shouldn’t go to Tolkeen.”
“‘Tis a silly place.”

“When you’re on a vivisection table having the innards of a Great Horned Dragon inspected – I told you so.”

“You’re needed for the conversation again.”
“Is it still boring?”

“Do you know where there might be death camps?”
“I’ve heard Ukraine ...”

“Oh, no, please – keep using words.”

“I’m just a normal human, a peasant tending to my fields ... with a massive plasma rifle.”
“Pretty fucking big vermin there, mate.”

“It’s like John Wayne with more niceness.”
“I know what the word ‘scrupulous’ means.”

“All this goody-two-shoes with morals. It’s all your fault.”

“Sixth Sense has been going off since I met you guys.”

Player 1: (rolls 15 d6)
Player 2: “When did we start playing Shadowrun?”

Player: “Do I roll the amount or double it?”
GM: “Yeah.”
Player: “That’s not an answer!”

“You can take a mini gun to the face, I CAN’T! Screw you!”

“Someone has a wide interpretation of ‘evil’, I think.”

“He’s the love child of Brian Blessed and Bill Bailey.”
“He has too much hair for Bill Bailey.”
“Surely Brian Blessed and Brian Blessed?”
“Also known as a clone. Made by Hans Zharkov because he could!”

“Don’t. Shoot. Him.”
“Stab him in the ‘nads!”

Player: “I will interrogate them about the town.”
GM: “Interrogate?!”
Player: “Ask in a friendly way.”

“I actually killed someone! I feel better now.”

“I like my new character. He’s not an arsehole.”
“Give it time.”

To be continued!